Monday, August 30, 2010

Ray Dawn Blog: From the Elementals, A New understanding of Life a...

Ray Dawn Blog: From the Elementals, A New understanding of Life a...: "Hello there and good morning to each of you, we are here to be supportive of your endeavors in your now moments. We want each of you to be ..."

From the Elementals, A New understanding of Life and Love is befalling you here..

Hello there and good morning to each of you, we are here to be supportive of your endeavors in your now moments.

We want each of you to be in loving-kindness with yourselves at this time for all are understanding their new natures.
We want to reiterate the Love that is flowing to you at all times, even when it feels that it is not, it Is.
A new understanding of life and Love itself is befalling you here upon the Beloved Earth.
As she is uplifting in these moments of yours, all is coming into reflection of its true natures.
To align with love is not always an easy task from your perspective. As sometimes there is much pain in your hearts that you push away from experiencing.
We would ask each of you to feel it there, to embrace the sorrow of what has been and feel it truly. To not be afraid of what lies beneath the surface of your daily lives here.
To take a moment and check in with what you are truly feeling, this will allow one to know what is real.
Know that this process you are upon is in stages, there is no quick fix to feelings of upliftment, it is not in covering your true feelings but allowing oneself to feel.
We know that sometimes it feels like a bottomless pit and you don’t want to go in there, for fear it will be too much and consume your powers of stability.
We would reiterate that it will not. In truly allowing oneself to be present with whatever one is feeling will allow you to move swiftly into better feelings in your now moments.
Be not afraid of the darkness, the pain that you have held at bay for so long. It is the inner child; the inner voices of upsettedness that feels you do not listen. Each of you have had experiences in this lifetime that mirrors other life’s you have. These feelings of heartbreak and suffering are needing to be released to all that is, so Love may flow freely through you once more..
Know that by allowing oneself to feel what has been hidden will strengthen the flow of Love in all moments, for it is just the resistance that causes the pain.
Give yourself the time to feel all that you are right now; look no further for outside reliefs.
As you return to a heart centered way of life, one must clean out the hardened shells of protection, and allow the dust to fall from your being ness.
As you do this you will be rewarded by life eternal and unlimited forgiveness of yourself and all the seeming wrongs you are ashamed of!
Know that this process of return is truly in order, and it is allowing all to come home to the frequencies of Love.
Remember what you came here for and why you wanted to come emphatically!
As you are remembering more and more who you are all the powers of the universe come and live thru you freely for it is you, is it not?
We are here to be with you in your moments of need, of reflection of all you have experienced and learned on your paths.
Know truly that all is well and there are reasons for all experiences that do not make sense to you at times.
As this process is unfolding there must be releasements, for the dams you have built to your powers, to your flow of life are needing to be dismantled so the waters of life can flow freely. Know that this process is truly up to your timing and choices. We only want to assure you that the path you are upon is in order and will allow one to move swiftly into alignments with all that is.
We are here to be of service to all that is, we are here to enjoy life with you in service and graces right now.
We know the struggles you have been upon, but do not forget who you truly are, life eternal, life everlasting and this is a part of the journey you wanted to experience, to come here to Earth and experience being human.
This is truly all manifesting in perfect order, allow the mind to come into resonance with the heart and try not so hard to comprehend the purposes so hardly with the mind.
Allow the heart to feel the purposes as it always records the truth, and is not swayed by the surface.
This time is for all, for all is rectifying what has been out of alignment with truth here.
As this was and is planned from the beginning of this gracious experiment, have faith in the order of the universes, allowing all to come home.
Know in your deepest natures you are one with All that is, it is natural.
Please be easy upon yourselves as you release all that has held you back and know it is up to each of you the timings of your paths.
Know that all is with you in your moments of forgiveness of oneself, and allow all that is to return the love to you, freely.
We are a part of each of you and a part of all matter here, we are coming online with you and are appreciating your journeys on an individual level, for all bring pieces of the puzzle to this endeavor, and so it is…
Thank all of you for the courage you had in coming here, and the courage you reveal to yourselves in your now moments, we love each of you.
We are the Elementals and reside within everything that exists within this dimension, from our perspective all is flowing smoothly for alignments with Love, have faith dear ones in your true natures and remember the truth that you are, always…
In loving friendship and honor we call you home…
The Elementals..

Ray Dawn
 copyright 2010 Ray Dawn all rights reserved

Thursday, August 26, 2010

From Adama, The beloved Earth is Ascending in matter

Hello it is Adama come to speak with you.
We are here in Lemuria holding the fields to envelope the Earth with Love Eternal, Love Everlasting. We await the groupings of your people in fellowship and camaraderie.
Understand that we are with you in spirit, in strength.
The beloved Earth is Ascending in matter; her graces are unswirling and riveting the flow of Love to all of you. Every moment that you breathe you are being gifted with love.
It permeates your fields no matter what you are doing, nor what state you may find oneself to Be.
Know that all the power of the universe is within your very heart, it speaks to you always, helping you to come home to yourself.
Listen… for your heart speaks in your silent moments, in your breath betweens…
Know that it is in order to awaken here, awaken with ease.
We in Lemuria hold the fields to love; we are a large part of the upliftments, in that we embody the truth.
Even though we are not physically in your dimension as a whole, we can bring you gifts, that if you open to receive will help your frequencies.
We do this so all may come home unto themselves!
We know the struggles you face, the hardships upon your planet, for we are one in the same.
We too faced many things before we ascended; even though our world was yet different from your own, in this time that you call your present.
Lemuria, our home is yours as well for we are a part of humanities uprising.
We are a part of the upliftment of matter here, for all the galaxies are awaiting with bated breath! All are awaiting the choices you will make and are making, here now.
This time is for all beloved, know this is truth; know in your hearts, the way and the light.
So you are looking for Eden?
Can you hold the frequencies now, here? Can you trust in all that is?
Listen and you shall know..
Remember to allow all to come home, no matter where you deem them in a hierarchical way, for all are not judged but loved, for all that is sees the spark of divinity in everything, it is unspoken.
Our way of life would please you, it is a sort of beauty and comfort that you only know for fleeting moments at this time upon your world, trust this will change.
As the power of the river flows continuously thru your meadows, know that all ways lead one home.
The power of the stream of life grows and grows, it is ongoing, life is movement and change!
We ask each of you to trust in life, trust that it is eternal. Know that as you lift from the shadows you can see clearly in the light of day.
As what was hidden is revealed, understand what is real and not superficial.
The ways of your world have come to change.
Here we are with you in these moments of growth and ongoing enlightenment.
We know in your hearts love, all are equal, allow the mind to come in resonance with that truth.
Befriend your mind to be able to comprehend the unlimited abilities of all that is, of the unlimited power of the mind to work in unison with the heart.
As you return to balance on all levels within it must be reflected without, do not doubt this is what is happening to each of you!
We are your friends in spirit, we want to be as one people again, one people as guardians of the Earth!
Allow us to help in raising your frequencies and of the Earth as well, ask and it is given….
We need all of you to do your part in being who you are, here, Now! It is time to be so!
Remember to enjoy yourselves as each day turns to night as this cycle is completed!
We await each of the responsibilities that you wanted to fulfill here, in the orders that you aligned with to proclaim.
Know that all the help in the universes, is right here with you as One.
We thank you for your moments of Love that are spilling forth from your beings.
As you wash away the misgivings, as you release the burdens and as you clean the filters, you are shining ever so brightly! Ask to see this truly as well, it is there for you to witness!
Be kind to yourself and be in your Joy, allow it to be graceful and easy, as the river flows it does not question, but allows itself to be what it is…
Thank you….

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

From the Angelic Orders of Truth and Cosmic Timings, Completion of Grand Galactic Cycles of Life!

Good morning to the Earth and to all it’s cohabitants. 
We are here to provide assistance of upliftments, it is in order. We are one with you in spirit and strength, remember what is Real.
The upliftments are in order and in due timing, for it is time. The time is right here upon you for it is completion of grand galactic cycles of life!
The order of the universe is in glory, it is true light and correct cycles of life and death manifested in your now moments, rejoice in the knowledges you have gained.
We are of the light brigade, we are of the Angelic orders of Truth and Cosmic timings, and we are here in resonance with all that is and with the process of the Earth's Return.
We live in resonance with fields of light and love, holding the frequencies of truth eternal for all to come into resonance with!
We are within the Spiritual Hierarchy and on many boards within the Federation of Worlds. We work in unison with the Cetaceans and the Planetary beings who hold the frequencies of resonance that create the platform of this structure of the Earth’s being in form. We are a part of all fields within the earth as well, we work with the elementals and are like the Elohim.
Today is the day, the light, the truth of all time, completed in this moment, manifested in the New Creation of worlds here upon the beloved Gaia!
Today is your time to shine beloved beings of the Earth, shine your light, here and Now.
Be not afraid of what ifs, look to your souls nature for the answers you seek.
Grow strong in strength within, it is time to do so!
Relax your holds on what is possible in your now moments, look not to the future, but be in the present, Be.. in the present, be in your hearts love for all that you are right here.
It comes down to all of your choices, the time is now, what do you choose to hold your attention? 
What do you want to unfold; it is up to all of you!
Give not your power to the external, to the fear of destruction, but hold the light in your minds eye, believe in all possibilities!!
We are so excited for the manifestations of love that are due here, that are unfolding in your now moments. 
Look not to your medias to show you, but look within your being, look to your feelings of love unfolding in your very being!
Relish the Love that you are, it is that simple!
If you feel that you cannot, if you feel burdened by the struggles, be with them, listen to your feelings and allow whatever it is in the moment!
Do not judge yourself for not being able to hold the light in all moments! Judge not the beliefs you have that hold the light at bay. Instead accept and embrace all that you are right now, there is no time forward, be with yourself no matter what may come your way.
Enjoy your life; now right here, you have all worked hard to be ready to be here within this timing to help in manifesting the return to all light in this system, it is what you came for!
Trust yourself; trust all that you are above all else that stirs your unsettled ness.
Know the truth within!
We are here to be of assistance, we have all the time to help each of you and all that calls us by name!
That is our service to the one. Your service is in being here in your full presence that is what you deemed you wanted to help with. Know that you have all the keys to that already, it is the encodements you were born with, hidden within your frequencies.
As this light in unfolding here it is keying those frequencies to come online now, to come onboard with this great cycle of completion!
Witness it in truth.
Return to your heart space often, especially when you lose your center, return to your core and ask for assistance, we are there as many, many others to help you to hold the frequencies.
Life is good, smell the breeze, reflect on the power of life, of nature and come into resonance with all that you are, simply be.
Thank you for your service to the One to all that is, rejoice in your abilities in form, rejoice in the knowledge retained within you and remember why you came, each of you, hold strong to the faith in Love…
We thank you….

Ray Dawn
Racopyright 2010 Ray Dawn all rights reserved