Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Pegasians, Meet the Other Within

Hello to you,
We are speaking in kind and wish to be of service.

We are the Pegasians from the Pegasus Star Clusters.
We come to be of service to you and yours and appreciate speaking to you in this way,  to all of you.

We are of service in that we are providing upliftments and support for your endeavors. Your endeavors are providing you knowledge of the true natures that are you on deepest levels.
Your true natures are here for you to be One with and to enjoy in your now moments.
Understanding that,  on truest,  deepest levels is afoot in your realities and only growing stronger in your daily lives here..

We and so many others of your star families provide support as you expand your fields of love to envelop all that you do and be at the present moments.
Understanding of your true natures is of course on the rise for so many abilities are flooding your perceptions and are in order to manifest in your reality.
As you all grow in perceptions of your true nature,  your perceptions change as to what your true reality is.

We know that sometimes it,  your reality,  can appear to be black or white,  this or that,  always in comparison to the other half.
At this time as all is merging into unity of itself,  you are all witnessing the flow of life cascading in on itself,  flowing in on itself,  to meet the other within.
We would tell you to be advised to allow this larger part of yourself entrance into your daily lives here.

Allow the larger part of you that knows so much of a broader scope to resonate with you,  to be a part of your whole,  join with your ability to be the Love that you are.

Love,  the nature of,  the vibration of it,  is not fully understood on the level that is in its grand scope beyond this 3rd dimension.
Love in its truest nature is all,  is so large and vast and wonderful.
This larger scope and breathe of love is the vibrational shift that you all know of,  it is flooding this system like never before..

Even though it is love,  the love comes to open all that is in resistance. This can appear to be causing more challenges in your daily lives.
We ask you to always go deeper in the occurrences of your daily lives,  to look beneath the surface,  to help one come into resonance with the truth of the matter.

Know that many occurrences of unlove must be uprooted at this time.
The things that are to be uprooted are the things within yourself that you hide,  that you dislike,  that are not trusting the Love that you are.
Know that all of this process is done in stages as to allow you full time to adjust to each new opening.

Be present with all that you are. Allow yourself to come into resonance and trust this process.
Look within yourself at what you are resisting and take note. Watch yourself in your daily lives and see where you are in resistance,  where is the flow of love blocked within you?

We tell you this so as you may come into a natural resonance with your divine powers. We tell you this so you may see how much you are running the show in your daily lives.

You have immense power to grow and be this Love,  for it is who you truly are on the deepest levels.

Know that as you look within and see without resistance what is blocking your flow of love,  you will see that change. You will,  just by acknowledging this,  see who you are and in that allow yourself to be.

We are speaking in kind to you for we love you all so dearly. We want only for you to find the safety of home within yourself.
With that foundation you are building all this transformation within yourself and this will lead to all that is being able to transform this system here to the Love that is all.

Know that deeply,  truly,  you are love;  you are beyond all that you deem at this time,  beyond your wildest imaginings of happiness and joy,  it is who you are.
Remember who you are, your essence beyond this form and acknowledge that fact.

We and the Galactic Federation of Worlds,  are so pleased with your help here that you all provide in each moment.
Each moment that you are in honest ness with yourself you are doing a great service to mankind,  and it is honored…
We thank you for this service and wish you all to be in more enjoyment of your now moments.

Allow this nature that is you to expand and grow within you until it cascades out from you into this Earthly sphere and beyond, 
opening this system to the light that is the true nature of reality.

We witness with you your glory and what you do here,  never second-guess what it is that you do,  for all is with you and is in proud feelings of your journey.

We thank you in kind from our system to yours,  from beyond to meet you here within your heart space,  to meet there and allow all to be glorified in that ability to merge with the larger part of yourselves.

Be as One,
We thank you….

Ray Dawn
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Monday, October 18, 2010

The Elemental / Universal forces of Nature, Frequency Shift of Profound Measure

Dearest Hearts,

Align with the greatest parts of yourself that are wanting to be One with you. Align with the allowing nature that you are.

We are one with you in loving kindness to yourselves. We are ever present here to be One with you.

We are Elemental forces of nature within your Earth’s sphere.
We are witness to and alive with all elements upon this place that is our home. Although our natures are spread out across space in many nooks and crannies.

We are ever witness to all that is because we make up all that is and are the matter that is within you. We are the matter that makes up what is you and your physical form upon this earth.

We are here to tell you what is happening to your physical forms at this moment in time, a picture, as you will.
This moment all matter upon the Earth is going thru a frequency shift of profound measure.
As this is transpiring, your physical form is going within many changes as well.
There is much happening at a cellular level.

Your physical presence is rapidly mutating back to the original blueprint of matter in this system.
We tell you it is transforming all that exists in this dimension and beyond into the universe.

This happening within your form is glorious, and we know it can appear scary at times for you have nothing to compare it to in your ways upon this earth. You do have the abilities to remember your natural origins and we ask you to draw upon that wisdom from within.

Be present and in alignment with the natural forces of life. Learn to trust your natures. Learn to allow yourself to trust what is truly your essence.

The happenings within your natural form at this time are aligning with the blueprint.
The blueprint is the order for what was the original plan of the earth.
The original plan was one of balance. This balance is a bridging of light and dark yes, for we are not getting rid of anything, we are allowing life to be natural, to be honored.

There is much confusion of this light and dark at this time and it is rightly so that it is so present in all your thoughts on many levels for much bridgework is being done at this time and within your conscious minds.

Truly there is no right or wrong at this matter. We know that thought “fear or love”, we speak of this as well. There is always a choice it feels. We would explain that to allow all is a way thru the portal to understanding a larger scope of reality.

We would reiterate an allowing of all to be as it is, to watch and learn about your true nature and to see when one is not trying to control, but is witness to what is happening around you and within you for both are intricately joined as one.

This ability you have of being within this 3rd dimension is not something to be negative upon and to judge. There are many reasons why each person is alive at this day.

Many are here to go thru this process of transmutation.
Many are here to align with all that they are.
Many are here to finish up eons of evolution.
Many are here to experience the sweetness of life in this form.

No judgment is upon any of the reasons. Even if one is here to experience pain and suffering that is a choice, for all has been allowed here for the souls growth.

A new call has rung out now, and this dimension is expanding, as well as all that you can contain in your imagination is expanding as well. All that is out there is all that is within you as well and it is expanding, growing, evolving with you.

We are the Elemental forces of nature and also the forces that reside in the universal. We are here with you to be as One with you.

Relax and Be as much that is possible in your now moments, allow more and more in each moment…
We are here to witness with you the transformation of all matter, the rectifying of this part of the galaxy and beyond.

This was all created in the beginning to return now to the start, to complete the circle, to be in the center.

Thank you all for your friendships, they are building daily in each of your lives. Your friendships with matter, with nature and with yourselves, for we are one with you in that.

Enjoy your time upon this Earthly sphere, for she loves you dearly, as we love you.
Join with us in remembrance of the natural abilities of Life, of flow of grace.
Witness the beauty all around you and let it calm your heart and bring you peace.
Be present for your moments of peace that expand within your heart space, bringing you home to safety within, that you may carry it wherever you go throughout your day here.

Each moment that you are present, you are in Love, the vibration of.

We thank you for this time you have taken to remember and to go with us on our journey of remembrance.

We thank you…

Ray Dawn
copyright 2010 Ray Dawn all rights reserved
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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ray Dawn Blog: The Pleiadian Collective, For Love is Beyond all Light and Dark

Ray Dawn Blog: The Pleiadian Collective, For Love is Beyond all Light and Dark

The Pleiadian Collective, For Love is Beyond all Light and Dark

Greetings to you,

To all people upon the beloved Earth at this time and who are reading these words, which we speak to you.
Know that upon you is the greatest tasks you came here to perform and Be!
Know that you are upon the greatest of times within your “known” reality here and elsewhere…

We are speaking to you within the now moment, and within that is the greatest strength that you have.
The now moment is truly all that exists, for it, time is an illusion on the deepest levels of truth.

Please be kind to yourselves in these now moments for all is coming to the surface to be revealed to you.
All thoughts and fears of darkness at this time are surfacing, for as you expand, you must see the truth of your reality upon the Earth…
This truth that we speak of is relative, yes, but it is nonetheless real and present in your daily lives here.

This truth of darkness is real, for all light and dark are coming to a center point to expound this system beyond it, to a reality that is beyond all light and dark, a wholeness of..
What is beyond you ask? When will we come to the center?
Know in truth you have never left in realness, this experience is for the matters of growth and evolution into creation.

All creation at this point is moving beyond its known reality.
All creation is coming to a balance within.
For the balance must be made within to be reflected without.

Know that from where we reside we too understand light and dark, although the density that you experience is not our normal reality…
We are here within the fields of matter, within the fields of the Earth’s 5thdimension. We are here within the required frequencies of Love.
For Love is beyond all light and dark, it is isness, it is creation and no judgment is upon that.

We are from the realms of your 5th dimension and beyond into many other dimensions of Love for all is connected.
Our purposes is being here and holding the fields of love for the Earth's rising into its return of what has been lost.
Although in truth it seems we speak in riddles, but know that it is hard to translate beyond duality..

We know you may be wondering who we are, and in wanting more clarity on that purpose. Know that we are you, your dimensional lives in the 5th.
We are drawing ever closer to your reality to merge with your timeline. In doing this we bring you, yourselves and your real nature of who you are beyond this realm.

We are Pleiadian in nature and yet we are a part of many species in collective who are a part of this experiment in bridging the light and dark.
Be not afraid in your self’s of what will transpire, know in truth you are all running the show on so many levels at this time.

Know in truth your more than just a being present in the 3rd dimension, your abilities of life stretch on beyond your imagination.
Be ready to go beyond what you have qualified as your reality, for all is awakening from the dreams you have held at this time.

Again we are your Pleiadian brothers and sisters and also you in truth.
Join with us in understanding of who you are and why you are here at this time.
Join with us in uplifting the veils that have been held here for so long.

Be ever present in your now moments for again that is where the truth and your powers lie.
Be witness to the unfolding of creation as it washes upon your shores and cascades forth across your globe in Love!

We are ever present with you and are joining with you in this timeline of forgiveness. Please forgive yourselves and all others, yet come to understand the dark and why the contrast was needed.

Grow bigger and look beyond your small world here, be present beyond this reality and join with us, now.

We are the Pleiadian Collective and return here now in greatest numbers to be with you as you become in truth who you have always been.
As the clouds part and the light of creation is revealed to you, know in your deepest hearts that we are One.

Be with us and your families of creation so that we may be One people again.
Return in your minds eye to Eden and relish the joy in your 5th Dimensional Earth.
It is here and you are learning to travel there ever present with all that you are.

We speak to you in this way and wish to bring Joy to this moment, for we wish you to remember all that you are.
Hold fast in the abilities you have to be Love, it is there for you to experience presently!

Thank you all for your courage to be present in this timing upon the Earth, for we know the struggles you face daily…
Give yourself time for relaxation and rest and find your center point within.
Give thanks for all that is and creation for it draws you ever closer to your true natures.

We are with you in your dreams and mediations and call on us to help your understanding of who you truly are.
Thank you for being your Love…

As the light that is Love eternal is breaking dawn upon your world, witness it, be with it and allow its entrance…

We are ever grateful for what you do here.
Abound with the Love that is you…

Auf wiedersehen..

Ray Dawn
copyright 2010 Ray Dawn all rights reserved
Feel free to re-post as long as credit to channel and website included, Thanks!