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Ray Dawn Blog: The Soul Collective: Unity, Consciousness, and You...

Ray Dawn Blog: The Soul Collective: Unity, Consciousness, and You...: Hello to you, we are the Soul Collective. We are a collective of all souls upon the Earth and wish to speak to each of you of this emergin...

The Soul Collective: Unity, Consciousness, and You

Hello to you, we are the Soul Collective. 
We are a collective of all souls upon the Earth and wish to speak to each of you of this emerging, this coming into Unity Consciousness and 2012.

To begin we shall say that our message is one of Peace, of nurturance and of Love for we are love, as we are all of you.

To be this Love is the answer to all questions at this important time upon your earth, for the transformation of all matter is at hand!
This transformation that is upon you is quite widespread, is all encompassing and will be evident in your moments within this year.

To say that 2012 will bring much transforming is a very true statement. As this process is unfolding, all are coming to conclusions of what is the nature of your reality, your consciousness. This consciousness is reaching mass, a collective, and we are here to speak to you of this part of your journey.

You have been upon the Earth and have been in separation of your abilities, of your nature. You have been upon the Earth and have wondered how you fit into the larger scheme.
Each of you is a part of the whole, is the whole, and from this knowingness will be the answers to all problems upon your dear sphere.

The consciousness of matter is in a state a transformation. This transformation is allowing all aspects of your self to come into wholeness here upon the Earth.

This process of unity is what 2012 is all about for it is a marker to your consciousness that the time is now, to begin here, to remember the truth of all reality.

We ask you to witness who you really are, to let go into the moment, to begin to see the truth. To come into wholeness, to unity, is the awaited shift of the ages and it all starts with you, right here, right now!

Time is non-existent, time is a memory, quickly all time is coming into a Oneness, a unity. In this all things will be transformed, for the betterment of all.

What can you do to facilitate this awareness, this transformation?

You can begin in this moment for that is all there is, this moment is the power of remembrance. In this moment is your ability to transform, to become one with all that is, to return to the garden and awaken to true beingness here upon the Earth!

We ask each of you to slow down into the moment, to become aware in it and to breath in the aliveness of this instant!

To do so is to come into the unity of your heart space. This heart space is your navigational tool, the most important tool you have now, and with this you shall be reborn into true awareness of who you are and why you are here, now.

We speak of the moment, we speak of the heart space and we speak of love.
Love is the fuel to this awakening. Love is what creates all existence, love is who you and all matter is behind the veils of illusion.

Focus now in each moment on this love; allow this gentle awareness to combine with your minds abilities to decipher information. Allow this transformation to connect your mind fully with your heart. In this is the piece of the puzzle you all long for!

How can you do this? How can you combine your hearts awareness with the abilities of the minds hold?

You must first come to center, come into the moment. Practice this awareness and allow yourself to be. This being we know is quite the tricky subject! To be in an allowing state of being is quite the issue, for all upon the Earth have been conditioned otherwise, that doing is the way to accomplish your goals, your dreams.

We tell you it is quite backwards, for in truth to come into your natural state of being, you must allow. You must trust and relax into this naturally.

Give your self the opportunity to be all that you are! It is quite simple, for this is your true nature, you have just forgotten.

We tell you that yes you have goals, yes you have dreams, but to allow them to come to fruition naturally, with easement, this is the new awareness. This is returning to the garden, to live effortlessly from the heart!

To live from the heart takes risk for it seems, from the minds hold, that it will be dangerous and that there will not be a foreseen outcome. However, in this risk you shall know you are on the right path.

To be a part, to be in oneness with all creation you must let go into it!
You must trust with no doubt that you will be safe, you will be protected to live this way from the hearts wisdom.

To be in a state of awareness from the hearts consciousness, you shall have to go into your heart and allow all to be seen there. To allow your conscious mind to go more often into that space and witness whom you are from that space.

You will find at first that there are feelings, memories there that you may not want to see, that bring you sadness. This is where you must keep proceeding.
Give yourself moments each day to come into your heart and just sit within it. Allowing whatever comes up to be processed, to be released! Have no judgment upon yourself as you do this, just allow this process.

As you will find, as the sadness is witnessed, as the heartbreaks are allowed, you will find the nuggets of truth for you. You will find the beauty; the gold within you there, and in this you will be reborn into creation!
All creation at this time is moving into expansion, into a whole new playing field of reality, for each level of awareness is uplifting, is growing into new consciousness.

As you upon the Earth are coming into collective awareness, many of your problems will be solved. As you come into unity you will know what is for the good of the whole, what is sustainable, what would work for the betterment of all. In this, new tools will come before you, new creations to uplift humanity and bring you into your foretold times of this golden age!

To be in the heart is the way thru this time. Without a doubt as you come into the heart you will forgive yourself, as you forgive yourself, you can forgive others and a new compassion with be born upon this Earth for it is time!

All these problems you see will be transformed. All this disorder will be rectified and the power of the heart, the power within each of you, will now be combined and the New Earth is born!
Born fresh and alive and ready to explore all realities. To be awakened and in Unity with all.

This is your future, this is your now. The greatest gift you can give yourself is to listen to your heart’s wisdom and allow it to be here upon the Earth now, bringing you all home to yourselves, to your rightful place in all eternity.

We wish to bring comfort and joy to each of you, to bring strength and courage. To bring wisdom and nurturance to allow you to embrace your gifts, they are within each of you, awaiting your hearts song to unlock them!

To awaken your heart’s song is in order, this is done with gentle awareness and trust in your truth, in who you are and with love.

If you do one thing to allow this transformation within you, to then be radiated without, it would be to love yourself deeply. To let go of all mistakes and to see the beauty that you are in this instant! To awaken here in this instant to the beauty within you, right now!

This beauty must be acknowledged to seek further within your heart space and to see the truth of all reality.

So take the time, the moment, and allow yourself to witness your beauty, your nature and the love that is deeply buried within you! Yes it takes effort, but you all are coded for this transformation. You each have everything you need, your piece of the puzzle that fits perfectly, intricately into the beautiful symphony of life!
We ask you now to simply be this, to love yourself and honor you. Awaken to the truth and the beauty that is all around you and be not afraid of your wisdom, the wisdom of your heart!

We greet you in the awareness of unity consciousness, this is the time to proclaim, it is your time here upon the Earth to be reborn and we will help to hold the fields of love for each of you, for we are you, your consciousness as a collective!

Until the moment comes where you remember: you are love, always as simple as that! Be this love, hold this love and allow it to flow thru you, watch as the transformation of all matter is at hand and know in truth you are one, you are all….

We thank you, all of us, 

The Soul Collective

Ray Dawn
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