Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Pegasians, Awaken the Heart’s Love Within

Hello to you,

We are the Pegasians and we speak to you in kind. In the kindest of ways we meet you. We meet you in the heart space and we ask you to relax there and listen to these words we speak to you of..

Yes, loving-kindness. To be in loving kindness with your own being ship. To be in a way of forgiveness and honoring this ship you are in.

To be truly kind to your self and others you must allow the occurrences of life to flow thru you. To allow the resonance with everything and to allow the love of tenderness, appreciation, and loving awareness in the moment..

This appreciation will grow within you like a beautiful flower as you honor life… What is your life-force and awareness?
Do you allow time or moments to appreciate and honor this being that is you? How do you go about doing this?

We ask you to relax in a moment and come into your heart space; we mean by that your area around your heart, the chamber and your chest.. To allow your awareness to relax there and to breathe in and out from that space..
As you allow this awareness, let go and feel..

Allow yourself to feel your own consciousness in this area.. What are you? Can you feel? Do you feel that you feel too much or not enough or somewhere in between? Relax again and try to feel into your awareness and allow expression and understanding of yourself.. Forgive you for trying to be all that you are not.. For comparing yourself to others, for trying to fit into your world, trying to be what you think you should be..

Instead, for a moment, allow you to feel your own being.. To get to know what you truly feel and what are your needs and desires? What makes you tic? What feels right to you in this now moment?

Yes, we ask you to get comfortable in your own skin.. To allow the awareness to come into your consciousness of the being that you are.. The uniqueness, the feelings, can flow when allowed; when you give yourself time to just be with yourself as you would a loving friend..

A loving friend, you would take the time to listen to, to honor and to appreciate, so we ask you to be this for yourself! Yes, to listen and honor yourself.. To allow your feelings, to find what brings you joy and awareness.. to flow.. In your moment!

Yes Dear Ones now is the time to know You! Be easy as you let go of the walls in your heart to yourself.. Be easy and know that you are eternally an ever-loving being!

As you come home to your own energy and awareness to knowing yourself from within.. You are free to choose your life, breath, and beingness in each moment.. Each moment is a new moment to allow love, creatorship and loving kindness to your self and others! Be free to explore this occurrence of awakening love within you, Dear ones now is the time, always it is now..

As you awaken from the slumber of forgetfulness, you can remember that you belong. You are this love and appreciation! You are this flower opening to the light, being ever brighter as you know and feel and allow your endless love to flow freely thru your heart space and to every particle and fiber of your being.. From this place you can know God, Creator, the Cosmos, Mother Earth and your own Soul.. Be easy and know that you are one with all, you are everything.. Infinity in the palm of your hand..

Enjoy the occurrence of loves’ remembering thru you.. Know that it could not be done here without you and be free to enjoy the life you are in!

We greet you in kind, in the kindest of ways we meet you, here in the heart space, we are One!

So be it and so it is.. We are your family of light, love and appreciation!

Thank you for your service to the One and for allowing your fullness in this lifespan; you are a gift to us all!

We thank you, The Pegasians..

Ray Dawn
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