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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Sirian Councils Of Light, Open the Corridor in your Heart Space

Hello to you, 
We are the Sirian councils of Light speaking to you in this way at this time and in this moment of your beingness!

We have tidings of joy to bring to each of you, to your dear hearts and we tell you to open wide for this transmission!

We, and others of the non-Earthly realms are here to help open the corridors to the return of what is natural to this world. The return of truth and light.
Of course the return is to the ways of love, the ways of the heart and it’s opening fully to the doors of creation.

We are here to bring support in this endeavor and wish all of you to return to your heart and allow the entrance there of upliftment, of remembering the truth of you, for you are eternal, you are ever evolving in this evolution upon the Earthly sphere!

Now is the time to remember, now is the time to act. This moment is bringing you all you need to be in joy, to be in joyful camaraderie with all that is!

Put down your weapons of destruction, the ways of the world that is no longer, put down the struggle to fix what is broken and allow it to fall away..

Allow the remembrance of what is truth to guide you thru this time of emergence, this is the time you have waited for and all is poised to be in fulfillment for all of you…
As is said, “not far now”…

So to be in this state of upliftment all that is needed is a cleansing… so this is what is upon your plate. Your job so to speak is to allow the cleansing within you fully, no resistance, no figuring out, no statistics or worry..

Be in your Heart and allow what is there to see, allow the heart to bring you the truth and return there in each moment; This will bring fulfillment, this will bring joy!

Be not afraid of your own heart and the secrets you have hidden there, for it must be allowed to see the light, to open the corridor in your heart space. This is what you are here for, as easy as that it is!

So we and all others of the non-Earthly realms who are aligned with the plan of reclamation are on stand by- are here to witness your birthing, your coming into being here, once again it is returned to you, the powers of universal consciousness. 
Focus on what is of unity and what is of fulfillment for each of your hearts wishes, allow them to come to fruition thru each one of you, quite simply.

Know the power of the mind is in the intention, the holding of what is acquired from the heart, the knowledge there will bring all corridors open and we shall all see each other again as family, as one!

Rejoice in this plan here, that you so wanted to bring to fruition, you each have done your job, your part well! Remember that here; no matter what it looks like in illusion, it is truth that you each have a wonderful part in this grand experiment, this Life!

Be now and forever, open the doors here, it is all that is needed, focus upon your heart spaces, your truth and allow this process to be easy.

You are all coded for this, there is nothing more to learn or gain, but to remember and open to the truth…

Know that each of you has a card that will be dealt, that will be allowed your time to play your hand, to complete this alignment. It does not matter that you do not know what consciously that is in this moment, for all will be revealed to you in your divine timing!

Let go into the beautiful tapestry of life, it is eternal, it is magnificent and it is mind blowing the reality beyond the illusion. Open forth your corridor and allow the hearts entrance into your dear world here it is time…

Be in the heart and allow it to rule your consciousness once more upon the Earth, it will be your guidance system and bring you home to the light, the truth within each of you! It is aligned perfectly with all that is, it fits like a wonderful glove and protects you, keeps you in fulfillment and joy!

We are here to proclaim that this is becoming a galactic human, each of you are coded for this, now is the time to allow the process to be completed!
As each completion is allowed, a new corridor is opened and a whole new playing field is born, here upon this Earth!

We wait patiently behind the curtain for the big reveal and know in truth it is done, it was done from the beginning and now is the time to build the New world!

Begin again in your heart and be present, allow the entrance of your corridor to love eternal, fear not this process and enjoy the journey home!

In truth we love you beyond measure and hold you in safety of your remembrance. We are your star family and bring you tidings of joy…
Begin now….

In Truth, 

The Sirian Councils of Light…

Ray Dawn
copyright 2010 Ray Dawn all rights reserved
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