Friday, May 13, 2011

The Pegasians, Let the Circle be Complete

Hello to you, we speak to you in kind; in the kindest of ways we meet you.

We are the Pegasians and come to be with you in this way at this time in this moment of your being..

We come to you to speak of the ways of the heart and of the how’s to that awareness, for we are in wanting of agreements to yourself in aligning with the highest and wisest parts of your self’s, the over lighting awareness that is your totality of being. 

We come in this moment to align with that awareness within you and to bring that awareness into your conscious minds….

We would like to reiterate our awareness meeting yours in a harmony of resonance that is of equality and adjustments of this meeting, this harmony, this awareness..

We speak in this way to show the alignment of circles and the circles within your beings, for you are an overlay of circles within circles and where the circles meet is the overlay, the awareness of the one meeting with the other..

This awareness and overlay is coming more into your awareness of who you are, what you are made of and what is the reality you are in, it seems in more often than not, but you are much more than just this awareness of..

So we would like to speak to you in kind, in a way of kindness and caring..
Caring of your natures, of your soul and your journey.. 

We also have the awareness of the mind, of the physical. The mind and the soul, these two are joining into an oneness of being. This is the circle within circles and all is coming to this awareness for it is the nature or fabric of life…

We meet you in this awareness as does your soul families, from many places and awareness… The many become one..

And how many beings are you…. It is vast, your awareness is vast, and so, allowing you to be all those awareness’s, you are merging with them and yet staying grounded upon the earth. This is the two becoming one… the micro and the macro..

Join again with this awareness and become one within your self, open to this oneness from deep within you and allow it to be..

We greet you in kind, this day, this hour of our awareness’s, joining in harmony with yours, it is effervescent and a glow is coming forth a glow of your full being anointed in truth, the truth of your nature, your wholeness..

We ask you to be in this state of wholeness, to just allow the circle to be complete within you and to be a circle that is full and in unity from deep within.
This process of completion, of the completing of the circle is from each of you as cells merging together to complete the Earth’s transition as well.

This completion that we speak of has been a long time coming to your awareness of time, of space and yet here we are in this now moment for only from this moment is creation born anew!

We ask each of you to just let go into this completeness of the circle, to come into your own awareness and to embrace this awareness as nurturing all parts of your being.

You have many parts that make up your beings and yet your awareness can be a oneness or a fullness that just is and this is taking root now within each of you..

We ask you to throw caution of this process to the wind and truly to allow this completion within each of you for all will be provided within it, all will be sustained and the circle will be completed.

We ask you to breathe easy upon this transformation for you will find it is quite easy to come into resonance with your self’s when you let go of what you have to do, but just allow yourself to be within it..

And so all is coming to this conclusion and from here we can begin creation of all that is so desired, for upliftment for all..

And yet all that is required is your choice in allowing yourself to just be..

Be who you are and allow the circle to be completed, to just be natural with yourself as the air that you breathe. It is a natural occurrence to just breath in each moment, you do not try to control it, you just trust and forget you are doing it sometimes as well!

So easy, so graceful, this trusting, this allowing yourself to be…

Be in kindness to yourself, to others, to all that is and allow this process to come to a completion, to a resonance of Oneness and all be revealed for the next stages of this… The next stages of this process, for it is time to emerge…

We greet you in kind in the kindest of ways we meet you, we are the Pegasians from the Pegasus Star clusters, we great you in oneness, in your natural resonance and we say you are doing quite nicely with all that is shifting and falling away, allow this, allow this to be graceful and do your part in allowing your circle to be complete!

Allow your circle to be complete and come into your own oneness of being, your own harmony and resonance!

We say to each of you to honor your process, your returning to this awareness in a natural way…

We thank you for your service to the one to all and we honor your journey..
Stay clear within your resonance and allow all else to be…

We thank you..

Ray Dawn
copyright 2010 Ray Dawn all rights reserved
Feel Free to re-post as long as credit is given to channel and her website is included, Blessings!
Circle Artwork by Justin Simcik