Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Ray Dawn Blog: The Pegasians, In Love, We are All!

Ray Dawn Blog: The Pegasians, In Love, We are All!: Hello to you, we greet you in kind; in the kindest of ways we meet you.. We meet you in the heart space and we ask you ...

The Pegasians, In Love, We are All!

Hello to you, we greet you in kind; in the kindest of ways we meet you..
We meet you in the heart space and we ask you to relax there and listen to these words that we speak to you of…

We are ever aligning with our joy and remembrance of who we are, as are you dear ones, as are you...

This now moment is your most powerful moment as every moment is a doorway to awaken within form and to rejoice in your purity of being!

Dear ones, each of you has a purity of being within; as you are connected and informed by All-That-Is, and are connected to all beings everywhere and informed by all realities.. In fact you are all beings as well, for you are emerging as a new species at this time of creation! This new time of creation is a most extraordinary time of jubilation and exploration of all of us!

We are each being informed at this time to allow the current of divine love again upon this beloved and magical planet; your Mother Earth!
Dear ones, remember who you are! Remember your eternalness and remember that you are coming alive again in this form!

Awaken to your gifts and awaken to your specialties of creation!
As you do and yes we mean each one of you, as each of you are needed and carry within you the forms of all creation!

This form herein is unlocking your greater gifts in this lifetime! Awakening you to your soul path and knowledge of all realities!

As you allow this remembrance of new creation and the unfolding of greater realities you allow the emergence of a new culture and species and the return of Love!

Dear ones love is all and in love you are at oneness with your being allowing the knowledge of how to work together in cooperation!

This cooperation thru love will unlock your abilities, your essence and the knowledge of information in how to live in essence with all things!

This is the time to allow it and as you move forward in your Now, all is coming together in greater harmony!

Be in peace in the knowledge that you do not have to figure this out logically but allow the heart’s codes and the unlocking of greater love to guide your being and your doing..

As you allow this moment of your love and being-ness, you are co-creating these energies of awakening, within form, of the eternal knowledge of the soul!

The soul knows love and yes the soul is Love! So as you do this remember that love is all!

Love is all of creation and is the magic and glue of all realities. As you allow this unfolding you unlock the doors of new creation here upon your beloved earth as she is ever awakening to her larger essence as well..

Dear ones all is unfolding within circles and circles of our being!

Know that this moment, your now, is the true alignment of purity.. From the now moment is the new moment of creation and as you allow this you move upon the greater tide...

Your true essence has everything you ever need and within this is the true knowledge of life! Life is love dear ones and in Love is All!

We greet you in kind, in the kindest of ways we meet you, here in the heart space we are one and in that oneness we are all!

Much love and blessings of support to each of you in your journey of the circle of life, so be it and so shall it be!

In love we are one, the Pegasians

Ray Dawn

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