Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Pegasians, This Moment

Hello to you, we greet you in kind; in the kindest of ways we meet you. 

We meet you in your heartspace and we ask you to relax there, to relax and to feel this moment that we speak to you of.

In this moment contains all the powers of life everlasting. In this moment contains the juice of extreme knowledge, of awakened thought and of the hearts resonance of love, truth, wisdom and light.

This moment is in truth all that is in existence and yet that can feel very hard to comprehend..
We speak of this moment and of the awakening to the moment, the knowledge of allowing this moment to be all that is in existence. No past, no future and yet how is this so?

We want to explain this a bit to you, to allow you to come around into the wholeness of this thought, this thought that you are in a now experience, always this is true. 
And yet the fleeting thoughts push and pull you to the past or to the future, for the minds hold feels that it is futile to be in the moment for no-thing is happening there. 
You must prepare for the next thing and yet you are preparing by remembering the past.. This is where so much of the anxiety you feel these days is ridden!

This anxiety is here because the moment is becoming more and more to each of you an awakened state, and yet you vibrate back and forth around it, yet sometimes, you feel the moment, you are present and it is quite wonderful those moments to you!

How can one be in the moment more often? 
Yes that is what we are working on for this is how one can begin to navigate, to surf as you say in this life here upon the Earth. This navigating in the moment is what is upon your life now, for all time is collapsing into the moment as the collective constructs of past and future are merging into the Now.

The now, the ever-present, this is where true existence is, this is where all collective power is, this is the new Earth, the moment!
To be in the moment and to relax there is the part we are wanting to help with, for that is the navigation that we speak of..

This navigating is going to become more prominent in your nows, with this freedom shall reign upon your state of being.

To be able to navigate in the moment is a sort of dropping your awareness in to a state of not-knowing, to allow yourself to be in a state of not knowing or allowing can be quite scary to the rational mind, to the belief systems and to the collective structures that are all around you, coercing you to be prepared for this tomorrow, to hold your energy in resistance by a fearful feeling of what may happen in the future, from the knowledge of the past.

To let go into this instant is a process of allowing and navigating the mind’s hold on your consciousness. To allow is a sort of experience that the mind has not been trained in. All of you have been trained by conditions, by experiences, by your families and systems. To go against this training is where the fear comes in… will I fail? Will I be discarded; will I be punished for not computing? 

This is where you can begin to navigate, by making a simple choice. To choose to be aware, to choose to be allowing, to choose to be not knowing what will happen next… this begins to release the fear, then one can come into a choice of trust. I choose to trust life, I choose to trust this moment, I choose love, to allow this love to be present now, here!

It is a process of allowing, a back and forth, but once you choose this awareness, one can begin to navigate thru the crisis, through the fears and allow. One must be present to allow, one must be aware to choose, to believe and know the power of creation is in this instant!
Yes, so we ask you to be aware in this moment with us, here we are together now in this moment where all time is now…

Awaken to the truth that you are here to provide this knowledge to you, as you do, you are shifting the pathways of the collective, as you do this it will be easier and easier for all of you to create from the now. To trust and to provide for all that is needed, in your now.

Life is eternal, life is constantly shifting, changing like the seasons, like the tides and yet in each moment is an ability to navigate thru to the next to allow the process and to choose to trust. As you do, as you begin to get the hang of this, you will be able to create miracles upon this Earth, you will be in harmony with the spheres, with creation again, always it is shifting and growing and expanding into the ever present now!

We leave you with this, you are all creation, you are the navigators and you are the awakeners here upon the Earth!
Forget not why you are here, to Allow the unravel, to trust and to choose this love, this faith in the experience of life, always it is right here in your heart, beating continually, life, life, life all in one heartbeat, in resonance with all creation!

Trust you, your body, this experience, and know in your guidedness from within, you will not falter in this returning to the Eden within each of you, to return home, not far away, not unknown, but remembered and awakened in each of you. As you bring this knowledge forth to commingle with each other, new worlds are born here, born within each heart, beating as one heartbeat, allowing all…

We greet you and we thank you, for your energy, for your remembrance, for your knowledge, for the gifts you bring here. Allow the truth of all life to be reborn thru you here upon the Earth, it is time for All …

One heartbeat, One breath, One moment, Eternally…

With Love, 

The Pegasians

Ray Dawn
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