Friday, March 9, 2012

Saint Germain, Stay True to Your Special Flavor

Hello to you, it is I, Saint Germain to be here with you, to be with you all in resonance with All that is..

Each of you is here to be your own flavor of essence, your own way of seeing and being upon this Earth. Each of you has gifts to share with others and to speak from your own knowingness, in your own signature.

We wish to speak to each of you of the heartbreaks of your own way of doing things. Your way of being that you question. This causes you heartbreak or breaks, for you question yourselves, “Is this correct?” “What will others think or do by my telling or speaking my truth?”


The time now holds great discoveries for you. To come into new ways of being within your own beingness!

It is time to discover your way of doing things, your own unique way..
Sometimes it is the best way to find your own way by speaking it, by sharing it with others and to be in harmony with your essence while doing this. 
To not judge yourself against another’s flavor, but to know that each is unique and yet to share the flavor, you end up with new masterpieces. 

When you combine spices, you want them to be in their own signature, for if you blend them with others, they need to be the flavor you know you can count on. To say if you where going to combine cinnamon with anise, what if when you mixed it, it tasted like anchovies! This is not what you planned on!

We tell you this, for if you are speaking with others and you are in your flavor, strong with no doubt, it will mix better with others flavors, than if you changed mid stream to agree or felt pressure to change and do, then the mixture will turn out to be not what is expected. Your flavor got changed and turned into something else, like anchovies!

This also explains why, when you do change for others, you don’t feel very good. It is like a weight or something is amiss within you. You even feel that your isness has dimmed in some way..

To be strong in your flavor does not mean you are not open to change!
To be strong in your flavor is to commit to yourself!

To be strong in your essence is being open to the change within, not to the external. There is a balance in this, but first you must allow your specific flavor to be truly what it is, to blossom and be rich!

This will bring feelings of upliftment to you. It will allow you to be stable and to grow in your own way, allowing the other flavors to combine with yours in new symphonies! This helps All, this brings out others light and is needed here upon this Earth, so as to bring upliftment for all of you!

Be not afraid of your flavor, of your strength, of your special essence!

It is wonderful and complete and your own shinning light within you, each of you!

This essence is yours to be pungent, to allow it to ferment and grow strong within you.
Each of you is here and is needed. Each of you has the perfect combination within you to come into the most perfect song, your song.

Sing it wisely, without fear, but in knowingness that it is already perfect as it is, it just needs to be allowed this perfection, this harmony, this marinating within!

The step is yours to take to allow this now…

We greet each of you in the high heart of wisdom. All of us here as your friends. I and the Ascended Masters are one, as you are One with us..

Each of our flavors combines and yet brings something more to the universe…

Each taste is unique and yet all come into resonance of the whole, in this your isness is complete…

We send bounty and love to each of you! Allow your special flavor, your essence to sing, to shine and to be… it is effortless…

Allow others their flavors as well and know that as the combination of all is happening here upon the Earth.. As you stay true to your special flavor, it will combine with others and new tastes will be born here, born fresh and new and will bring peace to this world…

In Love,
Saint Germain

Ray Dawn
copyright 2010 Ray Dawn all rights reserved
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