Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Angels of The Energy Fields: Aligning to your Truth and Essential Self

Hello to you!

We are the Angels of the Energy Fields and we are here to bring tidings of joy and understanding to your new reality and being-ship!

Although you may be feeling worn through—and by that we mean many levels of your identity have been released and you are becoming more ‘in the flow’ with your true understanding of reality—you are now in a better alignment to your overall good. By that goodness we mean your inherent choice and alignment with your inner joy and overall wellbeing!

Dear ones, now is the time to honor all parts of you, as you have all had to do so most recently with your Eclipses and galactic alignments. These events are an opportunity for you to honor your truest self!

All shadow defines the light. To honor the shadow then becomes necessary, for what is hidden within your shadow is oftentimes your greatest gifts, your true self, your abilities and your passion and joy! To honor this life you are in with passion and joy is now at hand!

This alignment will bring you your overall wellbeing, health, happiness and the true flavor of your gifts and passion!

All that is hidden must be understood, accepted and digested to allow overall wellbeing in your frequency. The frequency you are in at each moment is a result of this light/shadow harmony. By that, we mean your alignment to what you consider good and bad within you, to your own shadow and light!

At the same time, one must accept that all beings have their own feelings and as we accept our own repressed passions, gifts and wishes, so too will this help us to also accept and honor this process within others as well.

These desires must be acknowledged for what they are—Life Force energy! This Life Force energy that is your creative fire must be accepted and honored so as it can come into form in ways that honor each part of you, body, mind and spirit!

To allow and not define your true feelings would be a step in the right direction, as just from that measure you can again begin to regroup and feel more full of strength and from that place can honor YOU more instead of being discouraged by others paths or wishes and trying to please them and their alignment!

Dear one, each of you has inherent strengths, gifts and wishes in this life! These aspects are your true self and nature, which align with your soul essence and also the creative fire within your elemental, earthly body! This experiment upon planet Earth is in honoring life and the diverse forces throughout creation that combine in unique ways to create a way-shower planet.

How fun and exciting! Each of you is needed to align to your truest forms and realities so as you can bring your unique wisdom and gifts into form thru the creative fire and joy of the planet as well!

As you align to your own unique soul signature, you allow your cellular reality to come into wholeness and thru that reality can align others by your very presence in your own truth! This allows all parts to come into collective remembrance and joy! Be true to your own unique soul-self and rise to the occasion of love and rejuvenation!

This realigning is combining all parts of light and dark within, opening you to your truth and, directly thru this, true joy in seeing and knowing that you are connected to everything! And as a byproduct, thru that inner awakening is all that you are already seeking ‘out there’ as love, abundance, joy, rejuvenation, soul growth awareness, and omnipotence…

As you let go and allow who you are, all is done, all is aligned thru you, like a giant clock that can come back into alignment with all parts so as it can come back to working order!

As all time and space is rearranged in your favor, let go, open your heart and remember who you are that chose to play this game here. Be in the knowingness that you are one and from that place you can allow the peace, joy and unencumbered beauty to rise thru you, to enliven you and allow you to be in love again with your dearest self.

We love each of you and can be called upon to support your individual process; we are the Angels of the Energy Fields and are ever at your service, supporting your awakening heart upon this beloved sphere!

We thank you! Know that you are this love that you seek. Align with your deepest self and remember this, the truth of the ages. So be it and so shall it be done within your dearest hearts! –In love, we are One…

Ray Dawn
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