Friday, September 23, 2011

The Arcturians, Time to Allow

Hello to you Dear Ones, We are the Arcturians.
We come to speak to you today in this way and at this time to bring the allowing nature that you are, more into your daily presence. 

You are this allowing nature at your core, and in this Allowing you let the light shine within you. As you let this light shine within you, it then can radiate out to align with others light and the Earth’s light as well.

All light is streaming forth to this Earth at this time. It is aligning from the great Central Sun to your Earth. As it connects to the Earth and all upon her, it comes into you and aligns you with your truth, your higher self or soul nature.

To be in this light and to allow the full entrance of this expression is in order upon the Earth for it is the greatest order in the universe.

This time upon the earth is now rapidly coming into the wholeness of unity.
We are so pleased to be of service to each of you on a deep personal level as well, to help you with the adjustments of this greater increasing light.

The light particles are expanding all consciousness upon this Earth and the consciousness of the Earth herself. It is as if all is coming into a waking state, a state of remembrance, of coming out of the fog, the sleepiness of forgetfulness!

We say to each of you to allow, again allowing this process of wakefulness in your daily life. For more and more of you are juggling more realities, more of your multidimensional nature and the secret is in the allowing, for sometimes it can be quite overwhelming to try to contain all that you are!

Yes and so we speak of this containing, for you do not need to contain it, but to allow it thru you!

Each of you are the conduits, and allow the corridors to open within you, to connect you to all that you are, to connect you deeply into the Earth and then to also connect you deeply to the Universal power of Love.
Again it is a process, each is in alignment with their own process of give and take, of opening and of descending into their crevices to allow even more light within them!

Yes, we wish to express the abilities you all have to reclaim full remembrance in this moment, in this lifetime upon your Earth!

Each of you has the gifts with you to create this New World here, now!
As you again come back to allowing this within you, as easy as coming again back to the moment of allowing… All else is a byproduct!

All needs are met, all abundance is yours and your fulfillment is there for you, right now, right here.

We wish to open your hearts to this truth..
Time to trust you!
It is so time to trust you, your power, your abilities, your gifts and your light..
Allow this to be here, allow this to be in your moments upon the Earth.. Now…

As the Earth is shifting unto a new time, unto her purposes, we are here with you… We and so many others of the family of  light, are here for your birthing and we know in truth it is done and the magic is afoot!

Be open to the magic, to the moment in your life now, right here and allow it to Be…
That is all that is left, all that is needed…

We are your friends in spirit and wish you to come home to the safety of remembrance and to open to this light within you..

Take the risk and allow…

We are the Arcturians and love goes out to each of you from the Central Suns’ core…

In truth,

We thank all of you!

Ray Dawn
copyright 2010 Ray Dawn all rights reserved

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