Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Ray Dawn Blog: The Pegasians, In Love, We are All!

Ray Dawn Blog: The Pegasians, In Love, We are All!: Hello to you, we greet you in kind; in the kindest of ways we meet you.. We meet you in the heart space and we ask you ...

The Pegasians, In Love, We are All!

Hello to you, we greet you in kind; in the kindest of ways we meet you..
We meet you in the heart space and we ask you to relax there and listen to these words that we speak to you of…

We are ever aligning with our joy and remembrance of who we are, as are you dear ones, as are you...

This now moment is your most powerful moment as every moment is a doorway to awaken within form and to rejoice in your purity of being!

Dear ones, each of you has a purity of being within; as you are connected and informed by All-That-Is, and are connected to all beings everywhere and informed by all realities.. In fact you are all beings as well, for you are emerging as a new species at this time of creation! This new time of creation is a most extraordinary time of jubilation and exploration of all of us!

We are each being informed at this time to allow the current of divine love again upon this beloved and magical planet; your Mother Earth!
Dear ones, remember who you are! Remember your eternalness and remember that you are coming alive again in this form!

Awaken to your gifts and awaken to your specialties of creation!
As you do and yes we mean each one of you, as each of you are needed and carry within you the forms of all creation!

This form herein is unlocking your greater gifts in this lifetime! Awakening you to your soul path and knowledge of all realities!

As you allow this remembrance of new creation and the unfolding of greater realities you allow the emergence of a new culture and species and the return of Love!

Dear ones love is all and in love you are at oneness with your being allowing the knowledge of how to work together in cooperation!

This cooperation thru love will unlock your abilities, your essence and the knowledge of information in how to live in essence with all things!

This is the time to allow it and as you move forward in your Now, all is coming together in greater harmony!

Be in peace in the knowledge that you do not have to figure this out logically but allow the heart’s codes and the unlocking of greater love to guide your being and your doing..

As you allow this moment of your love and being-ness, you are co-creating these energies of awakening, within form, of the eternal knowledge of the soul!

The soul knows love and yes the soul is Love! So as you do this remember that love is all!

Love is all of creation and is the magic and glue of all realities. As you allow this unfolding you unlock the doors of new creation here upon your beloved earth as she is ever awakening to her larger essence as well..

Dear ones all is unfolding within circles and circles of our being!

Know that this moment, your now, is the true alignment of purity.. From the now moment is the new moment of creation and as you allow this you move upon the greater tide...

Your true essence has everything you ever need and within this is the true knowledge of life! Life is love dear ones and in Love is All!

We greet you in kind, in the kindest of ways we meet you, here in the heart space we are one and in that oneness we are all!

Much love and blessings of support to each of you in your journey of the circle of life, so be it and so shall it be!

In love we are one, the Pegasians

Ray Dawn

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Pegasians, Awaken the Heart’s Love Within

Hello to you,

We are the Pegasians and we speak to you in kind. In the kindest of ways we meet you. We meet you in the heart space and we ask you to relax there and listen to these words we speak to you of..

Yes, loving-kindness. To be in loving kindness with your own being ship. To be in a way of forgiveness and honoring this ship you are in.

To be truly kind to your self and others you must allow the occurrences of life to flow thru you. To allow the resonance with everything and to allow the love of tenderness, appreciation, and loving awareness in the moment..

This appreciation will grow within you like a beautiful flower as you honor life… What is your life-force and awareness?
Do you allow time or moments to appreciate and honor this being that is you? How do you go about doing this?

We ask you to relax in a moment and come into your heart space; we mean by that your area around your heart, the chamber and your chest.. To allow your awareness to relax there and to breathe in and out from that space..
As you allow this awareness, let go and feel..

Allow yourself to feel your own consciousness in this area.. What are you? Can you feel? Do you feel that you feel too much or not enough or somewhere in between? Relax again and try to feel into your awareness and allow expression and understanding of yourself.. Forgive you for trying to be all that you are not.. For comparing yourself to others, for trying to fit into your world, trying to be what you think you should be..

Instead, for a moment, allow you to feel your own being.. To get to know what you truly feel and what are your needs and desires? What makes you tic? What feels right to you in this now moment?

Yes, we ask you to get comfortable in your own skin.. To allow the awareness to come into your consciousness of the being that you are.. The uniqueness, the feelings, can flow when allowed; when you give yourself time to just be with yourself as you would a loving friend..

A loving friend, you would take the time to listen to, to honor and to appreciate, so we ask you to be this for yourself! Yes, to listen and honor yourself.. To allow your feelings, to find what brings you joy and awareness.. to flow.. In your moment!

Yes Dear Ones now is the time to know You! Be easy as you let go of the walls in your heart to yourself.. Be easy and know that you are eternally an ever-loving being!

As you come home to your own energy and awareness to knowing yourself from within.. You are free to choose your life, breath, and beingness in each moment.. Each moment is a new moment to allow love, creatorship and loving kindness to your self and others! Be free to explore this occurrence of awakening love within you, Dear ones now is the time, always it is now..

As you awaken from the slumber of forgetfulness, you can remember that you belong. You are this love and appreciation! You are this flower opening to the light, being ever brighter as you know and feel and allow your endless love to flow freely thru your heart space and to every particle and fiber of your being.. From this place you can know God, Creator, the Cosmos, Mother Earth and your own Soul.. Be easy and know that you are one with all, you are everything.. Infinity in the palm of your hand..

Enjoy the occurrence of loves’ remembering thru you.. Know that it could not be done here without you and be free to enjoy the life you are in!

We greet you in kind, in the kindest of ways we meet you, here in the heart space, we are One!

So be it and so it is.. We are your family of light, love and appreciation!

Thank you for your service to the One and for allowing your fullness in this lifespan; you are a gift to us all!

We thank you, The Pegasians..

Ray Dawn
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Monday, June 30, 2014

Summer Seed Awakening Solstice 2014

Master Hilarion-

Hello Dear Ones! It is I, Master Hilarion, here to speak to each of you at this important time upon your world.

Here in the Northern Hemisphere is the time of the Summer solstice. This is a time for beautification- of all that is- to burst forth with growth and with ripening energy. This energy is flowing forth within you in support of all that you are allowing within yourself and in your gifts that you bring forth into the world.

Dear ones at this time of opportunity you are all receiving great support and energy from your rising sun. Your sun is bursting forth with energy and information in this time of allowing the synthesis of these encodements within you.

As a flower releases its fragrance and fruitfulness, it first receives light energy from the sun. The sun activates the flowers’ conversion of this energy to release the knowledge and blossoming that is already stored within.

This is the same for you! Each of you are flowers, bursting forth with the light, receiving the energy and information to let go into All that you are!

Relax and know that each of you have-- already within you-- ALL that you are! As you can truly trust this seed of life within you, propagating your inner awakening, you can let go of who you think you must be and simply relax and trust your unfoldment into all that you are. Home is within you dear ones, as it always was and is now!

Allow within this your own wellbeing and truth; allow your own resonance with belonging and true love; the kind of love that is unconditional and caring of your very natures!

Rise up dear one, rise into the light and allow it to penetrate and awaken your seed codes! These codes are of the love principle. This is the cosmic connection you all have to everything! This love is within you, and is carried within all particles that are all around you as well..

As you allow your blossoming to unfold in this time new realizations and knowledge can take form within you, awakening the mind into a balance of light and dark, of pain and joy, of suffering and of enjoying life, So be it!

Awaken now from the slumber of death and destruction into allowing the cycle of life, and of this time to play out this awakening thru you. Let go of the ‘how?’ and ‘why?’ and Be...

Be who you are and be full of the knowledge within you of this merging oneness with your own inner seed and it’s spark of knowledge within!

As this comes forth and rises to the surface within you will feel a deep relaxation into love and belonging… this love is filling each particle of your universe down to all the cells within you..

Enjoying life is the order of the day, for as you do you awaken that seed within you of heaven and allow the bridging of heaven and earth!

Be true to your own seed forms and what you bring to this cornucopia of love in this universe, allow the light to penetrate you and relax into all that you are!

We thank each of you for Being true to yourself and your self-awareness! As you continue to receive this energy you come home to love again, and what a celebration it is across the universe!

We are here eternally to offer guidance, love and support for each of you awakening to the greater light and love quotient!

Be easy and enjoy the journey home! In Love we are one!

Master Hilarion and the Masters of Love and Awareness and Truth...

Ray Dawn
Copyright Ray Dawn 2014
Feel Free to Re-post as long as credit is given to Channel and her Website is included, thank you!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Ray Dawn Blog: Awaken Dear Hearts! Saint Germain

Ray Dawn Blog: Awaken Dear Hearts! Saint Germain: Hello to you,  it is I Saint Germain here to speak to each of you and to allow a transmission of love and blessings t...

Ray Dawn Blog: Awaken Dear Hearts! Saint Germain

Ray Dawn Blog: Awaken Dear Hearts! Saint Germain: Hello to you,  it is I Saint Germain here to speak to each of you and to allow a transmission of love and blessings t...

Awaken Dear Hearts! Saint Germain

Hello to you, 
it is I Saint Germain here to speak to each of you and to allow a transmission of love and blessings to your Dear Hearts!

Awaken dear ones, from your slumber, from the unknown..
Awaken from the dream of death and suffering and arise, arise, arise..
New Born you are!

Born fresh and clean into the light! Be easy upon this tranformation, be easy upon this new state of being, be easy and know that you are at a new point of stillness within..

As you allow yourself to awaken and to wipe your eyes and to allow a drink of pure water and to refresh yourself, you can come into a new way of being..

As you adjust you can begin to feel that you are in a new state of reality within your own purity and light..
It is a state of refreshment, of easement..
This state has always been here for you, and yet now you can begin to breathe again, to taste the sweetness of life!

Be easy as each of you adjust in your own way!
As the babe is born, they must adjust to new ways of movement!
You also must adjust in your own way to the newer frequency!
This frequency is here and will stay within you as a new stability..
From this place you can begin to rejuvenate, to refresh yourself.. To allow wholeness!

This state is a new platform of stability and joy within you!
As you allow it you will realize it has always been within you.. Awaiting your remembrance and allowance of your true self, your Dear Heart!

As you awaken for the slumber, allow yourself to adjust to your own frequency, your own flavor of self!

Be true to it and rejoice that you are a unique reflection of all that is!
You are born again in that knowledge and can begin to see clearly that you have just forgot!

It is as if what has been in shadows can now come into clear view!
As you wipe your eyes from the sleepiness, you can see that you belong!
That you are connected and that dear ones, you are loved!
Truly and deeply you are held in the palm of the hand of all that is..
As a child, born anew, you can trust dear ones that you are taken care of, that there is more than enough, aplenty! That you can let go of the mishaps and the lies of scarcity and can begin again!

As you do, as you have moved thru this juncture, you can live and be prosperous again, you can see that you are reflected in the eyes of God, of Creator and that as you trust that innate wisdom you are refreshed and joined again with all creation.. Joined again in Eden and allowed back into the garden again.. As you wake up you can see clearly that you never left.. Was it all a dream?

Awaken dear ones, awaken and remember.. You are this love and everything you seek!
You belong and are at one with, atonement!
Be easy as you truly open your beautiful hearts to feel that and to trust that again.. Like the child, open to the light..

Come out come out wherever you are!!!
We see you and love you dearly..
We are here for each of you, as you allow that connection deep within your heart and trust that we are one!

You belong and as such we together can be born anew!
Awaken and know that your special flavor matters and is needed at this time to bring us all back Home..

We are with you in love always.. A heart beat away and connected..
Awaken dear ones, awaken and know… you are all that is and so can remember that now in your most sacred heart!
So be it and so we rejoice with you!

Love and eternal blessings of joy to each of you, your brother Saint Germain and friends…

Ray Dawn
Copywright Ray Dawn 2010-2014
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