Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Andromedans, This Great Change Begins With You

Greetings from the Andromeda Star System!

We are here to speak to you of your upcoming emergence as a species of light.

We are a part of your solar family and wish to bring information to you all in greatest orders of the light, and of truth of this light that is your true nature!

Speaking of this time that is upon you, your great galactic cycle of time, this date approaching you, 2012 and into your 2013.

It is a joyous occasion, for all beings on the Earth are awakening to the true knowledge within them of what this time is all about.

As your culture is awakening, so too are each of you individually to the true breadth and scope of your heritage as human beings and what that means for your futures.

Here, you are on the horizon of change and this great change affects each of you at the greatest levels, because it is all within you.. This change is to the deepest levels of your cells, awakening consciousness. And each of you are intricately connected, a great tapestry of light and of life! Before you is the greatest changes of the ages, and yet it must start in your very body temple, it must start at the One for it is all returning to One as you say!

The One within you is the One out there.. Make peace with this occurrence of change! To make peace with it, we give you tools to do so..

Firstly, as a species, you are uniquely human, each human is unique and yet all of you are this human being.. To be human is “to err” you say.. Be at peace with your nature and with all the seeming errors you have made, come to terms with your beingness as a human and relax that one must be perfect! Come into acceptance of each other as you come into acceptance of the One within you!

Secondly, allow great change out there by allowing great change within! Be easy with yourself and that you are afraid of such change! Come to terms with what change is to you, and how you as an individual feel about change.. Can you make changes in your life? Start with yourself.. What would you like to open up too.. more happiness, abundance, love? Be open to changes in how you feel about those things.. Look at your judgments and be open to new experiences.. Open to the truth of your being that you have new knowledge to awaken to, new answers for your questions, but you must first be open to change and your relationship to it! This creates the global change you seek! Each of you is important and you will come to know how all parts must come together for cohesion! So allow the change within you now..

Thirdly, Be open to new growth with yourself; allow this new growth to take root! Many now on your planet are going to be awakening, to be looking to you and others who are creating new experiences, new growths and new ways to be in relationships, to each other, to the planet! They will need your help in coming together, in finding the answers. Great swift changes are coming and as they do it is in the perceptions that will be opening in your people. This growth is needed to explore newness and new worlds all around you! Help each other and allow this new growth to take root within you.. Sing your song, dance your dance and allow the rhythms of your hearts to guide you.. Be not afraid and take the risk that you feel. Allow the changes to take root, by allowing your own growth, and stepping into new ways of living your lives at the daily, here and now level!

Fourthly, speak your truth and come forth as the creators that each of you are! Each of you, reading these words, are Creator beings, here with purpose, here with the knowledge to overcome the challenges of this new time. Each of you are needed with your innate wisdoms and strengths that you brought from others times, places and star systems and beyond to be here to help implement the new earth and her new civilizations.. Be true to your nature and honor the gifts within you! Stand up and sing your song, take the time to be you now.. And watch the miracles unfold..

Fifthly, all the universe is here for support! Yes all your families of light and love are here to embrace you, to honor you and to watch you create your new ways of coming together as a species! Enjoy this time and create, come together and start to build your new relationships with harmony.. This process is occurring as we speak and will be rippling out in ever widening circles.. Start with you and allow the ever-moving tides to create greater waves of growth, upliftment and joy for everyone.. The tide is turning and all are needed to help ground this new way of being in harmony with all, with One..

Lastly, as the human species is coming together you are all coming together within yourselves to the ancient knowledge within you, to your encoded wisdom you have brought forth with you.. This knowledge is the building block of your new time.. Each of you is needed, each of you has the puzzle piece to create the changes, growth and stability for your society. Be the change you seek and no longer look out there to the burdens, but be the light and awaken your knowledge within.. Take each step with courage to come home to this completion and allow this civilization to come into harmony thru each one of you! 

With greatest purposes, we are your friends and family of light from the Andromedan star system.. Be ready for this change within and allow it thru you for completion..

We thank you with greatest love and friendship!

Be the change you seek and allow the greatest light of all the universes, to wash over this system, you are this light, you are this change, accept your part and play it and enjoy the process. Enjoy the journey!

We love all of you, as we are One!!

The Andromedans

Ray Dawn
copyright 2010-2012 Ray Dawn all rights reserved
Feel Free to re-post as long as credit is given to channel and her website is included, Blessings!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Lady Nada, Adama, and Saint Germain, This Doorway to Love is Ready!

Hello to you Dear Ones, it is Lady Nada here to explore with you your feelings of home and of Love. Love eternal and love everlasting..

We are here to be with you in this state of love, of it filling your hearts and allowing each of you to return home to this state within you. The Ascended Masters and I are one and you are one with us.

Each of your hearts holds this resonance with love! Do not forget this. Each of you feels separated from this love eternal in your own way. As a child who has been hurt and needs consolation.. Allow this consolation now.. Let it melt the resistance to love, let go of the pain and fear of lack and limitation..

Each of you can open that door now and allow in this great light.. This light is the light beyond all matter.. As this time is approaching on your planet.. We are all coming home again.. To no time, to all time, to Oneness.. In this oneness there is no lack, no fear, just trust and this great love.. The journey that led you to be upon this earth at this time is to feel all of this happening within you and thru you, to come awake to who you really are while in form, to come home again to love now and within all your bodies as one-- as one heartbeat-- and to reside within the sphere of the earth as well to come into oneness with the earth, and with your solar system, and within the universal sphere as well!

This great symphony that is occurring is occurring now, right now within each of you.. As all time is truly in oneness we ask each of you to let go into the knowledge within you, within your heart, to guide you home to safety and love within your deepest self, and in your deepest places to find the truth.. To find love.. We are home with you in those moments of your choosing..

Hello as well it is I Adama! Yes to be in this resonance of home is what we are be-ing with each of you.. Now is the time to remember, now is the time to open to each heartbeat beating as one heart upon this earth.. Allow all else to fall away as each of you remember eternity.. For in eternity you are love and in this love you decided to come here and be it…-so, BE-it!

Yes, now is the time to move forward and to BE-LOVE.. This 12-12-12 and into the Dec 21st-2012 and beyond, this time is a marker to your emergence as a new species... a species of love that has returned to who we are-- all in this together-- One family in love we are… This love is all encompassing, it is forgiving, it is sacred, and it knows all!! 

You know all, each of you, each of you are a part of this hologram of awareness, encoded with all knowledge, allow this remembrance within you now.. Welcome home upon this earth to be here in the fullness that you are.. This 12-12-12 is also an awakening within this planetary system and within this planetary sphere of her own knowledge, her encodements are coming online and meeting up with the galactic systems again.. Allowing her to remember as well who she is, for there has been sleepiness upon this sphere for so long.. All with purpose dear ones, for as the plants are growing in darkness the shoots emerge into the sun and once again rising to the surface to open forth and awaken from the slumber, to rise up from the darkness and into the eternal light.. Be not afraid of this occurrence, but breathe easy that you are here with purpose in these times, called forth and remembering your ancient gifts to be here fully and to fall into Love-again and again upon this earth.. Open your hearts!

Now is the time to do so, now is the time to open forth, all is at the ready, be not afraid and rise into the light, we are here with each of you to help support your emergence into love and so it is…

Yes and it is I, Saint Germain to be here as well! I had to show up to be here as well, for all time has led us to this time upon the earth! All the times we have all been a part of this process and yet it comes down to the simplest things.. Be here Now; Open your Heart and fall into Love! Truly to let go into it is the task at hand and we need each of you to do so for you are the organism that is creating this change, as each of you comes online into love, you awaken your hearts to emerge into eternity.. As you do so you let go of all fear and awaken to the truth, all love is here for you right now! 

As you feel and see this and know it and begin to truly trust, you will create the greatest change to this system and forevermore- love upon this earth.. Awaken your heart now and know that this time is all time… We are one in this occurrence, this doorway to love is ready—you are ready. Trust your heart, let go into it, clear and release the fear and be at peace.. Join us all in this love.. Be easy..
We greet each of you with love for you are It! Always and eternally the flame burns bright and strong within each of you, rise up! Say Yes to love!! And so it is..

We thank you from All of us as One!

Love, and so it is…

Ray Dawn
copyright 2010-2012 Ray Dawn all rights reserved
Feel Free to re=post as long as credit is given to channel and her website is included, Blessings!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Adama, Fall into Love

Hello to All of you, It is I, Adama, 
here to speak to you, to speak to you of the ways of the heart.

Each of you is here upon the Earth, and each of you is here with purpose.

This purpose is coming more into your frame of reference as a one-pointed way of being. To be one pointed, we mean for you to carry a point of oneness. Each of you has your own one-pointedness and thru that is an awareness of your own course and purpose of the life you are living.

To bring forth the purpose of this life you are choosing we would ask each of you to come with us on a journey of the heart. A journey into your own heart space and to relax into the knowledge that you are safe and at home in this resonance, as it is of love.

You are this love. This love is you at your core and all upon the Earth at this time can choose this love as their point of view or point of reference as well!

We here in Lemuria are in this state of love in more moments of our choice.
We choose love and this love is a frequency, a vibration. Yes, you can choose this as well upon the Earth, in your everyday life!

We are here to help each of you come into your own natural resonance with Love. Love is all creation; it is the substance and strata of all life, the glue that binds all together!

It is not always seen upon your world so easily…

We ask each of you to allow your point of reference, your one-pointedness, to be in love. Let go into it, allow all else to fall away as the leaves are falling off your trees at this time, surrendering to the process of life…

Be easy with yourself as you feel you may not have all the answers to what lies ahead, but allow the flow of life, your flow, your reference point to be immersed in love. It is your choice and right to do so!

We greet each of you with a warm welcome to this place and space that is within you.. Within your very own beingness there is magic, there are miracles; there is joy and upliftment. Allow yourself to open to all possibilities of love in any moment!

Yes, sometimes the moment can feel overwhelming, “where is my choice when I am bombarded by all that is not love?” Yet, you can choose in that moment to orient your point of view to a beneficial awareness, to a moment of choice. Create the awareness, in that moment, of a thought of love. Relax into it, become grateful for the breath you have, let go into silence of that moment and release the need to know the outcome. Come home unto yourself and relax; breathe and let go…

When you do this, we are right here with you, breathing with you, holding space with you, choosing love with you, for we are all…

In love we are your fellow brethren. We greet you in the heart space and know that each of you is here in purpose, with great awareness… Each of you is here to choose love, growth and awareness now, for all is truly love. There is no difference, all is in the knowledge of life, life is eternal, it is everlasting, and yet it is changing like the seasons, like the tide… 

Be at ease with this process, like the seasons, and choose your frame of reference wisely… Choose life, choose love and choose your purpose in that!

We greet you and we thank you, here in our heart space. Will you join us here?

In Love,

Adama and your Lemurian family

Ray Dawn
copyright 2010 Ray Dawn all rights reserved
Feel free to re-post as long as credit is given to channel and her website is included, Blessings!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Lady Nada and The Ascended Masters of light, All Is A Great Tapestry Of Light

Dear Ones,
We are here to be with you in this way and at this time to speak to your living essence, yourself, as the living essence of love that you are in truth!

You are this living essence of love that is as well your divinity. This divinity is your presence, as a being of Light; a true knowledge that you are Light, you are from Light, you are made of Light. Light is living essence and it is all knowledge, all wisdom and all creation. In everything that is it is made of pure Light and the filaments of this Light create your reality.

In this reality that you deem as very real to you, it is quite moldable for in it’s essence Light is continuous and reflecting. It is Light that is moving and changing as reflected Light and sound moves like the breeze. It is flowing and alive in its true essence and it is awake and alive as you are. All matter is made of this Light including all that you perceive and all that you are.

As this Light is all that is, and is all creation, and as well must be you. Why does it feel that you are not truly seeing this or knowing this in your reality?
If we could stop time with you- in this moment- to help you to see what is truly real, we would ask you to come into this knowledge by allowing your essence to know that this Light is you. Give yourself this moment to come into this awareness that you are this divinity of Light; right now, where you are… Light, you are. Light you are made of; Light you are from. There is no separation from the Light and from you… are your shadows also made of Light? Yes, the shadow is made of this Light for it is also resonating as Light- but in your knowledge or awareness you are not able to see the threads that make up the darkness. ALL IS A GREAT TAPESTRY that is connected so intricately to create all reality. All is connected… All is Light.

We speak to each of you to come into this resonance of knowing this Light from within, to re-awaken the knowledge within you. A long, long time ago you were this Light, you helped to create this Light from the darkness and you breathed Light or life-force into this Light to form reality which brought forth new experiences. New creations.
This time now is the return of the Light, the knowledge of the Light and the Light within you, it is all one and the same, the Light out there, is the Light within you; it is your divinity. We ask each of you to acknowledge this Light, to honor it, to allow it’s awakening; as it is who you are. These filaments of Light are your consciousness that is awakening within each of you, coming alive again to the memory of All Light, of the tapestry of Light, of how intricately connected each particle is… For all Is You!

We love and honor each strand of awareness that is all the fabric of creation; we are all creation for we are you.

Remember this message and align with the knowledge within… you are Light, you are this essence of divinity… this divinity is your consciousness and it is infinite.

We love you and greet you in this resonance of home. We are… as are you.

We thank you.

Lady Nada and the Ascended Masters of the Light, your true family in one resonance of home, we sing with you forevermore…

Of the Light, for the Light, in the Light, we are the Light, in truth we are One…

Ray Dawn
Feel Free to re-post in full as long as credit is given to channel and her website is included, Blessings!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Saint Germain, Home Is Where the Heart Is!

Hello to All of you,

It is I, St. Germain here to be with you all in a way of comfort and friendship!

All is within each of your hearts, within each of you is the resonance of home- as such, that is why you have your saying, "home is where the heart is!" For truly home is within your heart, within your own beingness and this space allows each of you to feel comfort and safety and love..

We ask each of you to spend more time within this space of home within your heart. Allowing your resonance to become one with this home, to allow this home to then permeate your fields and with this you can begin to love, to love truly yourself. 

We ask you to first feel safe within this resonance of home within your heart and to then get used to going within and feeling it build there, feeling this safety and comfort and a knowingness that you are always safe here within!

To build this safety is most important now, to let down the guard and the walls to your own heart to you and to feel at home within you..

We ask you this, because when you truly feel this safety, this home within, you can then let go into love!

To let go into love, you must feel safe within you to be able to do so!

If you are not feeling safe, how can you open to the frequency of love? For love is built upon allowing, upon feeling safe, to open the heart one must relax into it and let go of fear… It is a choice to be able to let go into this resonance!

Yes, you can allow this choice in any instant of your choosing!
So choose in this moment to allow yourself to feel safe and at home within you!

You have every right and ability to do so, but one must make the conscious choice now…

Open to this choice, feel it now, and then, allow your heart to open.. There in your heart you are free to choose this feeling of love.. To allow it’s blossoming.. You are safe to do so now…

We greet you right there in this moment! In this moment of your choosing we choose love with you and as One we return home…

In love and gratitude to each of you, we thank you and feel at home now..

We feel at home now with you and with this frequency of love, we begin again and again, we begin to love here again and with this we bring the dawn of new occurrence upon this planetary sphere…


And so it is…

We thank you….

Ray Dawn
copyright 2010 Ray Dawn all rights reserved
Feel Free to re-post as long as credit is given to channel and her website is included, Blessings!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Pegasians, One with Creation

Hello to you, we are the Pegasians; 

We come to speak to you this moment to be in resonance with all creation. You are one with all creation as you are creation as well. You are all that is, there is no difference..

To be one with all creation, one must accept that you are not in separation from that fact. There is no binding you away from all that you are..

Yet, here you are upon the Earth and in perceived limitation, in separation from all that is, how can this be so?

It is so as in it feels that this is the case. You look around and see fear, and allow it to be this way for all time..

To know that as one can come into the moment and allow their beingness to be perceived from no time, can you then be in this resonance with all creation? Yes to be in no time, is to be one with all creation.

What is no time? No time is being in a state of resonance where one is at one with all that is; one is in no fear of separation, for one knows that that is not all that is. All that is, is separation and is no separation as well. This is where it can get confusing. For to allow the paradox is to be in no time.

We ask you to be in a resonance with no time. This is the moment; this is an allowing state of being for it allows all to be. It allows separation, it allows no separation, it allows the paradox, and it allows all.. This state of no time is a state of peace, for it brings the stillness within; it brings one to resonance with all creation.

All creation is a state of beyond the paradox for in this trusting state one is in resonance with everything, all perceived bad and good. It allows the platform for all darkness and all light; this is the energy of creation. Is not yin one with the yang, yes you have examples in every culture of this, and of the paradox of light and dark. This is the expression of all, make peace with this.. 

This is the energy of creation, of creator. You are all one with creation. To say that one exists and one does not to bring conflict to the poles, this is creating the unbalance. Allow all in creation. All is needed, nothing is left out, one cannot pick sides, and you must accept and embrace all. All is within you, it is right here for you to embrace, to accept and to allow all within you. This is the answer to the paradox, this is the two becoming one..

Embrace the shadow, the dark is one with the light, ever turning day and night, reaching balance, coming to center, allowing the resonance with love, for all is love, all, creator, is you and love is you, it is of the same resonance, for love creates all..

Come to this center, allow this cause within you, love, love is the cause, it is the reason for all creation, embrace this, embrace you, you are one with All.

Be here to be one with all, be here to be you, and be here to love, to love all..

We greet you and we thank you, here in your heart space, allowing all this- You, we sing, in one resonance, allowing all..

In truth,

The Pegasians

Ray Dawn
copyright 2010 Ray Dawn all rights reserved
Feel free to re-post as long as credit is given to channel and her website is included, Blessings!