Monday, October 21, 2013

Adama and Your Lemurian Families, Your Time of Harvest

Hello to you Dear Ones,

It is I Adama, here to speak to each of you.

I, and my fellow Lemurians, am here to speak to each of you of the ways of the heart and of this special time upon Planet Earth!

We are here in Lemuria holding the cords of love, to be implemented into your wonderful fields at this momentous time. Now is the time of harvest, the time of fall...

As the seasons change, remember who you are... That you too are falling into new ways of being! Enjoy your time upon the Earth and come home to the resonance of love within you...

Now is the time to return to your own heartbeat, your own rhythms and with this, to return to the oneness that each of you are…

As each of you comes home to your own rhythms and expressions, your heart’s resonance, you will find your joys, your loves and who you truly are here and how you can express that upon this dear planet!

We, here in Lemuria, are holding that grace and expression of love as well!

We are your families of light from within and you also have many families of light from without, we say this as to say that above and below are your families and we are within each of you and all around you, helping you to hold grace and ease in your living expressions.

Know that as we are within the earth’s sphere, you have families of light from the stars, and distant star systems as well, who bring you grace and family...

See that as “so above and so below”, we all cherish your expressions and would ask you to remember that flame of love, unity, and home within your dear hearts’ now...  We ask you to, at this time, allow your inner flame to be lit and to allow yourself to feel comforted to express your true nature...

As this time of harvest is at hand all around you... witness your growths and achievements you have made this year and feel into your heart’s the truth of how deeply you are connected to everything!

As you gain momentum of your expression, you can see how far you have come... how your wisdom has been garnered and how you can choose to express new relationships and new growth patterns now into your daily lives...

As things are falling away upon the surface world, witness what is lasting... what is eternal within you...

It is your light, your expression. As the light dims further upon you’re sphere, coming into fall and winter... Cherish your light within...

Cherish your flame of expression, your ray of light...

Enjoy your own resonance and heartbeat and find the strengths within you as you follow your own rhythm and joys!

Be easy as you come home to enjoy this body and the abilities you have to share with others as you express your heart’s wishes!

Dear ones, each of you has wonderful expressions to share. You are living essences that need conscious enjoyment of your own rhythms to feel at home and at ease within your embodiments!

As you allow yourselves to consciously choose your expressions now, you will feel safe and at ease to share those parts of your creative spirit with the world around you. As you do this each of you are bringing such treasures to be unlocked within you and to be shared and voiced, expressed upon this dear planet Earth!

Dear ones, we your brothers and sisters of light, are here cheering you on and supporting you in your expressions!

As above and so below we are one family and now is the time to return to wholeness, within and without, so be it!

Enjoy the time of harvest and harvest within you, your resonance, your heartbeat and your gifts, so as you may share those conscious expressions with the world at large...

Now is the time to do so and each of you is so greatly supported by your families of light, as above and so below you now!

Thank each of you from my heart to yours, hold dearly your own flame of love within and allow it to grow brightly, ever giving you permission and life force to be who you are upon this beloved Mother Earth!

Together we are one and one family!

We are home within the heart and we share there your love as well, thank you, we are ever grateful of the expression of love in all varieties and share with you your joys and triumphs!

One family we are!

In love,
Adama and your Lemurian Families

Ray Dawn
Copyright Ray Dawn 2013-2014
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