Monday, April 14, 2014

The Angels of the Energy Fields, Home Of Sacred Truth

Hello to you,

We are the Angels of the Energy Fields and we are here to discuss how your energy fields are going thru rapid change for your birthing into All that you are!

At this instant, much change is afoot to allow this process of opening to the light and of further growth, a big step we might add to your evolution as human beings or Human- Angels!

All that is is pouring forth here like never before to create this new upliftment. All that you are has been diligently allowing and assimilating greater and greater quantities of light to allow this expression of the new and this new model of being— yes, it is like coming into adulthood!

As you have all been within the human field that has been, in a way like the teenager going thru so many radical changes and growths and hormones, ha!

Yes, and in this struggles and frustrations and irritations you name it, as you are rapidly morphing into all that you are!

So as this process has been going on it is rapidly coming into fruition, into new birth and it is a joyous occasion to allow the crowning of the new baby!

For as you see and you move thru this, you come into a new way of being and of seeing all that you are and what the reality is that you are in!

As you come home to love and your isness you come home to the truth in creation that you are truly creators!

Your species of human is coming back into alignment with creator and with the energies of life essence and this is like coming back home to Eden… This is a frequency of what you say the 5th dimension is..

Dear ones, as you allow this crowning; you will be able to see quite clearly more of the truth and how connected and informed you are!

You are connected and informed and allowed to be all that you are now!
Open to your abilities to process this light, open to the truth and open to the love that is creating!

Allow this to be smoothly felt by you, relax, enjoy, become your full presence!

We are ever excited to share and support you all thru this time of the returning home! Do not feel you have to go anywhere for you are already here! You are just remembering and becoming full again with the love that is all that is.. As you relax into it you feel connected, supported and can enjoy your life and livelihoods!

As you relax and enjoy and honor your experience you are in wholeness, you are home! This is the frequency that is the higher realms and it is a great service to allow this again thru your transformation!

Be open to respecting this form you are in as it has been working quite hard to assimilate all this great change! You can facilitate this process by allowing yourself to let go and know in your heart that you are supported. 

As you allow this inner support and connecting and source you can let go of the worry and stress of the mind, as it knows that all is shifting…

As you let go into allowing that all is going according to plan, you give your body time to adjust fully and you will of course feel better and in more joy and relaxation. Of course you know this, it is simple, but make the effort now dear ones! 

Harness the power of your minds ability to flow with all that you are directly! To allow again home within and trust in this love of all creation, you are supported and we are ever with you!

Enjoy this journey of life and be easy! We are the angels of the energy fields and we implore you to let go and allow your wholeness and beauty. To laugh and to enjoy your experience... To not fix nor change but allow the process like a beautiful flower opens to the light, with trust and love and grace go I!
Yes and so be it!

We love you endlessly and eternally, call on us to support you thru this and enjoy the journey to your most sacred place of love within your most beautiful heart of hearts!

We see you and know whom you are and you are safe to see clearly as you crown in glory!

In love we are your friends and family of Light!
Thank you, the Angels of the Energy Fields and Home of Sacred Truth..

Ray Dawn
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