Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Adama, Fall into Love

Hello to All of you, It is I, Adama, 
here to speak to you, to speak to you of the ways of the heart.

Each of you is here upon the Earth, and each of you is here with purpose.

This purpose is coming more into your frame of reference as a one-pointed way of being. To be one pointed, we mean for you to carry a point of oneness. Each of you has your own one-pointedness and thru that is an awareness of your own course and purpose of the life you are living.

To bring forth the purpose of this life you are choosing we would ask each of you to come with us on a journey of the heart. A journey into your own heart space and to relax into the knowledge that you are safe and at home in this resonance, as it is of love.

You are this love. This love is you at your core and all upon the Earth at this time can choose this love as their point of view or point of reference as well!

We here in Lemuria are in this state of love in more moments of our choice.
We choose love and this love is a frequency, a vibration. Yes, you can choose this as well upon the Earth, in your everyday life!

We are here to help each of you come into your own natural resonance with Love. Love is all creation; it is the substance and strata of all life, the glue that binds all together!

It is not always seen upon your world so easily…

We ask each of you to allow your point of reference, your one-pointedness, to be in love. Let go into it, allow all else to fall away as the leaves are falling off your trees at this time, surrendering to the process of life…

Be easy with yourself as you feel you may not have all the answers to what lies ahead, but allow the flow of life, your flow, your reference point to be immersed in love. It is your choice and right to do so!

We greet each of you with a warm welcome to this place and space that is within you.. Within your very own beingness there is magic, there are miracles; there is joy and upliftment. Allow yourself to open to all possibilities of love in any moment!

Yes, sometimes the moment can feel overwhelming, “where is my choice when I am bombarded by all that is not love?” Yet, you can choose in that moment to orient your point of view to a beneficial awareness, to a moment of choice. Create the awareness, in that moment, of a thought of love. Relax into it, become grateful for the breath you have, let go into silence of that moment and release the need to know the outcome. Come home unto yourself and relax; breathe and let go…

When you do this, we are right here with you, breathing with you, holding space with you, choosing love with you, for we are all…

In love we are your fellow brethren. We greet you in the heart space and know that each of you is here in purpose, with great awareness… Each of you is here to choose love, growth and awareness now, for all is truly love. There is no difference, all is in the knowledge of life, life is eternal, it is everlasting, and yet it is changing like the seasons, like the tide… 

Be at ease with this process, like the seasons, and choose your frame of reference wisely… Choose life, choose love and choose your purpose in that!

We greet you and we thank you, here in our heart space. Will you join us here?

In Love,

Adama and your Lemurian family

Ray Dawn
copyright 2010 Ray Dawn all rights reserved
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