Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Pegasians, A Message Of Love...

Hello to you,
We are the Pegasians and we greet you in kind, in the kindest of ways we meet you..

We are here to be with you in this way and at this time to bring a message of Love and it’s unfolding measures here upon this Earth.
This love is your true expression and the allowing of love’s nature is your task here upon the Earth..

This love is yes All, all levels of existence are in Love, for to be in existence is to be in a frequency at the core of Love’s nature. Where we are in frequency- love’s nature is easier to see, quite frankly to see how we live in love is quite easy if you were to visit our existence. Yet here you are here, upon the Earth, and it is not always easy to “see” how love is all and sometimes it feels that no love can be found!

Yes and so that can cause one to only focus on what is “not” love and the spiral begins in that moment of degradation…
We ask each of you to let go of what you “see”, what you judge is reality and to allow the feeling of love to flow thru you, it is not always seen in your reality but it can always be “felt” in any moment of your choosing!

The time is now to choose this feeling, this love, and to allow its expression.
To do so one must trust that love is allowing this existence and it is a leap of faith sometimes, in moments of hardship most definitely!

Take the risk to choose that moment of love’s enter-ship, allowing it to enter the ship of your awareness. Allow this feeling of love, to let go into it and feel it fully.
As you do, this love will grow, to all your fields it will encompass, and as it is allowed, it gains strength of purpose and allows the fruition of your endeavors here upon the Earth!

Yes it always comes back to the moment of your choosing, to choose the trusting of love’s purposes within you! Start here, within you, focus on it in your moment.

One cannot generalize others experience in non-love and say “see there is no love here, so what is the point!”
You are there to allow this love to transform all-you agreed to do so! It is up to you to allow this love to blossom within you, to take root and to grow out from you to touch all!

Be like the flower and allow your blooming! It can be quite effortless as you come back to your choices, your moment and your allowing it to be…

Take others choices out of the context and allow all others choices as well, it is not yours to judge, condemn or try to change, that causes the pain… so come back to your choice, your center and allow this blossoming of love’s purpose within you!

In each moment is the chance to allow… more and more… Until you are love in all moments!

We enjoy this moment with you and are in such joy of your allowing your expression, for you have no idea how it affects the greater whole, in an instant, as you come into this Oneness, you will feel that connection and just allow it’s expression thru you and enjoy, it is most helpful to all that is…

We greet you in kind and in the kindest of ways we meet you. We meet you here in your heart space and we say to each of you-Enjoy All, Allow All and Be All here in this moment and Allow- All else to be!

Focus upon your allowing this love and it’s purposes to be with you in form, more and more and enjoy this journey to remembrance for all is here with you as you awaken to the truth of all reality…

We greet you and we thank you,

The Pegasians..

Ray Dawn
copyright 2010 Ray Dawn all rights reserved
Feel Free to re-post as long as credit is given to channel and her website is included, Blessings!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ray Dawn Blog: Saint Germain, Doorway of the 11:11 Codes

Ray Dawn Blog: Saint Germain, Doorway of the 11:11 Codes: Dearest Souls upon the Earth, It is I, Saint Germain here to speak to you in this way and at this monumental time upon the Earth! The high...

Saint Germain, Doorway of the 11:11 Codes

Dearest Souls upon the Earth,
It is I, Saint Germain here to speak to you in this way and at this monumental time upon the Earth!

The highest orders of light and awareness of truth are here to be with each of you thru this doorway of the 11:11 codes. Yes they are awakening within each of your fields, within each of your hearts awareness, calling you home to the frequency of Love. 

This Love is an acceptance that brings power to your fields. This power is the power of creation and it is returning again here upon the Earth to ignite all your codes within you to bring upliftments to All…

This is the time you have waited upon and it has been a long time, beyond the span of your lifetimes here, yes a long, long time in waiting. We and all the Ascended Masters, the Councils of Light and the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Earth are in agreements with all your souls awareness’ to be forward in this movement here to truth, to peace and to wakefulness!

Yes wakefulness upon this sphere, how dear that is, how long it has seemed in forgetfulness and yet, here we are now…. This moment now brings all you need to open to all that is…

To bring you home to your natural awareness is what we have been doing here, cycle after cycle, opening more here, sprouting there… and yet this time is monumental for change! This growth has been in wanting by all of us, collectively it is true, so we allow all to be in fulfillment and in joy, within us as it is within you, for we are One being…

We thank each of you for time well spent, for seeking further within yourself, for discovery of what this all means, to each of your souls and to the world that you live within.. This world is at a moment of empowerment, of time well spent in these cycles of reclaiming all of the birthrights of existence! This existence is by nature- your time to shine here now…and so it shall be, your time to do what you came here for, and to allow this cascade of unraveling truth to be from within you and expressed thru each of your beings!

This is needed; each of your awareness’ is needed to form the greater whole of this existence here, to form this awareness of Love’s being here, for each one…
The choice is within each one of you, to be and allow this awareness fully and as each of you have done your piece of the work, your piece of the unraveling of truth within your very being you help the whole and bring this time of reclamation to All!
We honor your guts and know that without that, this cascade would not be ready!

So we say to each one of you, thank you for your efforts, thank you for your persistence and thank you for this Love that is your nature in truth!
We welcome all home to this awareness and we ask you to be patient with others at this time! To be patient with yourself and to allow this love to unfurl the last bits of separation from the core within you… Allow the love to flow within your being and be ready for this energy of love, of upliftment and of peace. Allow it to soothe all wounds within you!

This energy of 11:11 is a marker, is a moment of greater love here and within all universes at this time! All roads lead home and this home is within each of you… Allow that now. Open forth and remember your greatness, reach out and know what a difference you are making for each of you are so needed to bring this vibration of home here and you are doing your part in each moment, always!

The greatest love to be known in all the universe is coming down to the deepest levels upon this earth, to fill every crevice, every fiber of all matter, and as it does, each of you will know the truth, most definitely, and in this you will know who you are…

Hold the light; enjoy this experience, for you have been prepared without a doubt!
Know this is your birthing here, as it is the Earth’s and all are here with baited breath to see this, no doubt!

We thank you for your courage and forgiveness to all peoples, allow this, allow this time and set forth your eyes upon the horizon, know the sun shall come forth and give you the strength to proceed!
Awaken here and awaken thru all time and space, connect the dots.. See… and know All…

Know without a doubt you each have the codes to do this perfectly, with grace and easement, allow this, allow this now… It is time…

We love each of you as our brethren, as equals, as family, we know who you are everywhere, now is the time for you to See this here upon the Earth… as you do all will make sense to you and you will be reborn in the truth of all reality…

Honor this passage and wait not, for here we are….
Love to each of you, no doubt, it is what you are….

Safe passage to remembrance, it is time for You…
Thank you, and our heart’s love enfolds you in your beginnings of this New Time, Time for All..
We thank you graciously….

Ray Dawn
copyright 2010 Ray Dawn all rights reserved
Feel Free to re-post as long as credit is given to channel and her website is included, Blessings!