Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Pegasians, What is Your Creation of Reality ?

Hello to you, we are speaking to you in kind; in the kindest of ways we meet you!

We are the Pegasians and we wish to bring tidings of joy and camaraderie into your dear hearts, to this moment we are choosing to be present with you!

We speak to you in kind. In this kindness we are in an allowing state of the hearts resonance. To be kind, to be in kindness, it is not in a way guilt ridden. We wish to address this state of guilt and how often you might find yourself within that state of being..

Being a light worker as you say. Yes being a warrior of light, and yet to be kind, sometimes one is in a hard way to understand how to be in agreement with this resonance with kindness.

Again we reiterate, to be in kindness is to not be in a state of guilt. To be in your heart space is not to be in state of guilt.

To be in a state of guilt is to be in a state of separation from all that is.
To feel guilty, let us break this down.. One is in a state of guilt when, you feel sadness for others, you feel that others are in a sad state, they are less then or have less then.. That they need you to help them, to take care of them to rectify their problems and to in a way, take over their experience for them and right it! 

Yes to be in a state of guilt as you see is in a way to be in a state of judgment. That you have it figured out and so, must press upon the other that you can fix this for them, that you feel sorry for their experience and rightly so, should help them to correct it!

Awe yes, this state of guilt is quite tricky indeed!
To be in this state of guilt is in a way off putting to us and to others, this sadness is self-inflicted upon your world, much has been passed down of who is in a state of right and who is in a state of wrong! Which side of this fence are you on?

Yes think of this next time you have these feelings of guilt within your field, as it truly does put you in a side of the fence, it makes one be above the other..

Dear ones, we are speaking of this now as much is in flux upon your world of what is your creation of reality.. To look deeper upon the matters of creation, on must make adjustments in your own creations, always this is so, one must make the adjustments not out there, but within you..

This frequency of guilt as a light worker and yes as a human, is a frequency of waste; it is wasting your energy that is needed at this time to be of great use in your overall achievement of greatness! 

We mean by this that now is the time to truly evaluate all that you are creating in literally each moment of your choosing as now is the time that has been called forth to rectify what has been out of alignment so long in the frequency that you are residing as a human upon this earth!

So as yet, you have this ability in each moment to make adjustments in what you are creating and rightly so!

So choose to make new awareness of yourself in what you are creating..
Let go of this waste of energy of guilt, this is an old frequency and it causes pain within each of you.. Allow others their choices to choose from the smorgasbord of life!

Yes, if you are a creator, you can allow others’ their creations too, have respect for whatever it is, for all are creators and all are learning the lessons that they need at this time for further growth..

Whilst you sit upon the fence of judgment and choose to view who is at the right side, you are wasting your energy and time to allow new creations of upliftment to begin in your life, right now right here!

Now is the time to choose wisely where you reside in frequency.. Allow yourself to honor you, your choices, your experiences, come further within, come deeper within your heart and allow your own experience, give yourself permission to enjoy your time upon the earth, and what wonderful creations you will choose and are choosing! 

What wonderful creations with your own focus will you manifest now?

We greet you in kind, in the kindest of ways we meet you, here in your heart space, in your moment you are most powerful creators, choose your creations wisely and allow all others’ theirs as well!

We thank you and allow in this moment as it wakes upon your soul, your heart, how powerful all creation is, as it touches your moment and joins with you in magnificence, for dear ones all is possible now, be easy as this occurrence is enlightening the field you are in!

With love and truth we meet you,

The Pegasians..

Ray Dawn
copyright 2010-2012 Ray Dawn all rights reserved
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