Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ray Dawn Blog: From the Pegasians, The Vastness of the Universe i...

Ray Dawn Blog: From the Pegasians, The Vastness of the Universe i...: "Hello to you and yours,We are here to be with you in kindness, in kindness of our natures merging with the kindness that is within your dear..."

From the Pegasians, The Vastness of the Universe is within your Heart Space

Hello to you and yours,
We are here to be with you in kindness, in kindness of our natures merging with the kindness that is within your dear hearts.
We are the Pegasians, speaking to you in kind from our galactic hold of the now moment. It is ensuing and bringing forth much gratitude for existence.
Here we are within your hearts to speak to you in this way as we are so appreciative of this dialog with all of you, know that we know you all on a level that is beyond what you deem reality here, it is reached by the stillness within.
Can you be still and listen to the beating of your heart? For it builds and connects you to all that you are in truth. All that you are, the vastness of the universe is within your heart space, waiting to be ignited by the forgiveness to yourself.
Allow yourself to be forgiven by you. Allow yourself to witness the love that is within you waiting to be brought forth into this world that you live. As of now it is trickling forth, soon it will be a powerful gushing as the river flows, undulating, undulating, moving all with it into an opening pouring forth that has not been upon your world for eons, eons of your time.
We see what is transpiring from a different perspective, we see the lines drawing from each of your hearts, merging together as one, as one heartbeat, merging still and connecting with the earth in union, in one breathe, you are one being, enlightened from the love within!
Be still dear ones, be still and listen to the beating of your hearts, bringing you into unison with all that is, with creation, with life, breathe deep the wisdom of your creation into your soul and witness in truth who you are!
Witness in truth the gifts that you are and that you bring forth into this reality, for that is why you came here, to bring forth all that you are!
Let go of trying to control the outcomes and be with the flow of life, ever giving, ever flowing forth…
Where do you come from, what have you brought with you? Go into your heart space, to your self within you and listen there….
You will begin a dialog with yourself; allow the messages to come to you the wisdom that you are, each and everyone of you.
Be still so that you may hear all that you are…
We are speaking to you of your heart space, and wiser still is your gifts within that place there. Allow it to come forth and be present in your daily lives here, no more waiting, you are the one to open the nozzle, so that the information, which is love, can flow more freely within you.
Be still and listen and you will find the answers you seek, the wisdom within you that you are in truth.
We are the Pegasians, from the Pegasus star clusters; we are here to be within you to help regulate your openings to the love within, for that is what we do. We are a race of beings who have been thru many levels of awakening; we have been thru much evolution and are very old, as you would say a galaxy is old, as are we.
We are a part of the galactic federation of worlds and are ones who work in healing modalities, we enjoy bringing forth the love vibration and helping other beings to open in truth to there natural resonances.
We have come as many others to be a part of this process of the Return. We are a part of the universal alignment process as well and oversee much in the realms of galactic unfoldments and manifestations of light.
Be with us in resonance of the truth of your natures for all upon the earth have many lineages that are from beyond.
Allow yourselves to go within and feel your lineages there, feel your galactic families and where you are drawn too. Know in your natures there are many answers, and we will not take away the joy in finding them within! For much joy is coming to you as you remember your families of light, origins from beyond the earthly sphere.
Be kind to yourselves thru these processes, and allow the information to be received, allow it to make sense, even when the mind tries to tell you this is not in existence!
Be kind and remember that you are the universe in form, you are the light of creation manifested here upon the earth, for you so wanted to be present for this experience.
Let go of the control of outcomes and be witness to the love that is pouring forth from the galactic center to all that is and especially to your beloved Earth thru this process. Be ready for the ampage to be widened! Allow it to pour forth thru you and then from you back to all that is. Learn to feel the energies and relax as they flow thru you, you are all getting the hang of it!
Know that as you are lifted up, you must balance and release all the parts that hold you back from your nature, all in balance is a universal truth!
Be kind to yourselves and your loved ones as you go thru this and know it will get easier and easier as you process this faster and faster.
Be as one within, and go into your heart space to be refreshed and centered there. Let yourself find peace within and go there often when you feel unbalanced.
We are speaking to you in kind and we thank you for your courage.
We thank you for your abilities that you are claiming here!
We thank you for the allowances you grace yourselves.
And we see how far you are advancing daily, remember your mastery.
Remember to congratulate yourselves in your successes! 
We are with you as so many of your star families, and want to bring a message from all of them as well…
Be the Love that you are, allow it to flow freely, allow it to move you to discover your true nature…
We send love and thanksgiving to all upon the Earth and she is witness to all that is as it shines forth and frees her to be eternally who she is as well.
Thank you for your service to the One
Thank you for your abilities in form
Thank you for you, for you are all
We thank you…

 copyright 2010 Ray Dawn all rights reserved

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

From the Sirian High Councils of Light, Create the corridors to flow the Love for all Creation!

Hello dear ones, we are here to speak with you of this time upon your Earth.
We are here to witness with you untold wonders of the New!
Know that all is well, all is unfolding in perfect timing, in perfect orders of unfolding possibilities.
We are here with you in untold ways, helping to bring forth all that is within your hearts focus, your wish fulfillments of truth and natural orders of universal timings.
We are from the realms beyond the Earthly endeavors, We are from your inner worlds as well, for all is connected intricately. To unfold all possibilities is in order for it is due time for it to be so, Now!
Yes we are Sirian in nature; yes we are from your inter-galactic orders of truth and fulfillment. We work in unison with all orders of the Return. The Return to what is Natural!
This Return has been prophesied for all! The Return is a magical time of wish fulfillment as well. Do you all not have wishes? Do you believe that your wishes are just full of fantasy? Let us look deeper of what in truth is a Wish. Is it not about all possibility? 
A wish is an example of the light that is within you, it carries you on or forward at this time. It is held within your heart space and you can reside with it there, calling it forth into this reality that is your home at this time. To call forth your wish right now would be in order and would be a necessity! 
We are here to help you open the doors to your truth, to your true purposes within this realm, Remember! Remember that time before you came here, it is stored within your heart space it is a sort of fuel there that you can tap into. It is a juice that will bring it, your wishes into manifestation.
All wishes are manifested somewhere, can you bring them here, open to them so they may be manifested right now? The doors of the universe are open now; they have not always been so! You have all opened the doors now from the work that you have tireless done to Allow it to be so!
Join with us in thanksgiving, it does not matter that to you it, your wishes have not appeared to manifest, yet. In truth this allowing this trusting and faith you have, allow the doors to be flung open wider still to create a vortex of manifestation that touches down into your reality! Trust with deep faith that this is so! Allow all possibilities to be manifested in the now moment and get out of the way of the manifestation, just believe!
This is all for all to be possible and you are all so needed to allow the manifestations, the goodness and joy for yourselves first. This creates the doorways for the flow to all upon your world. Create the corridors to flow the Love for all creation; be the light manifested in form, it is your true duty here now!
Let go of all that tells you it is not possible; let the disbeliefs be washed away by the blazing light of your heart!
Know that now it is within your power to create all that is deemed to bring joy to your peoples.
We are the Sirian councils of light eternal. We have been thru a similar process as a people and are here to give support in your processes of unfoldments. WE are here to be within you as well, within all that resides here, your animals, plants and earthly material; even the dirt upon your shores breathes new life at this time! Just because the minds reach does not witness it, does not mean it is not happening right now! For all is returning and being vivified to bring a natural alignment with the return of light manifested in form. It is due and the junctures of time are at the specific crossroads we all agreed upon.
All that is left is to trust and have faith in this dear ones, trust in all that you are now to bring forth this! For you are not alone in this endeavor! All the powers of the universe, of creation are with you and at your beck and call to proceed!
Call us forth into your daily lives here to help give you strength, to work in unison with the graces of your Gods!
Be as one within yourselves and trust that it is done, now.
Look to your skies not in longing, but in acceptance that it is you returning! We are you and you are we, all is One in truth.
We thank you for your abilities to make yourselves appear so small, for that is what you said you could do and as it was done, it is now time to return to all that you are! For you cannot hide forever from the truth of your nature. Allow the doors, the flow to open once more and pour forth all the vastness of the universe to move thru you and be manifested here now! To pour thru you and be manifested here and bring this change that is so dear in your heart, which you never forgot upon your journeys to this realm.
We love you all so deeply, so truly that we agreed to be on the other side to balance this unfoldment, we are here as planned and all is coming to witness the New birthing of the Light!
Witness with us your glory and allow all to unravel in perfection, for all is truly perfect. Be in your perfection, Be in your glory, Be in your Truth and truly live as the vastness that you Are.
We thank you for your service and as all aligns with the doorways of galactic unfoldments, be in truth who you are…
Remember that you only played in being small here, for your vastness can only play as small for a limited timeline, as all that is, is bursting from the seams here, witness in truth the unfoldments and awe of universal power!
You are the Universe and You are all that is, understand you will know this on all levels while in form for that is the Task at Hand.
Also trust that it is happening in sections that allow you all to integrate these codes in perfect order. Relax into it, for that allows more light and love to file thru your system at the required frequencies of stability!
Be in truth, Be as One and Be with your hearts focus, aligning you perfectly with all that you are in truth.
Love from all of us, your friends and relatives of the Sirian High Councils of Light Returning now to Beloved Earthly endeavors.
We thank you….

Saturday, September 18, 2010

From The Warriors of the Light Brigade, This Time is for Claiming Yourself!

Hello we are pleased to be speaking to you in this way.
We are from a distant galaxy of your known universe. 
We are here to speak to you as a group form. This time that is in your now moment is at the cusp of a new awakening.
We and so many others are here to witness this new human that we all have been excited to see come into form. All of you are playing a part in this unfolding, all of you are here as a witness and as an active participant!
Enjoy your moments! Enjoy this journey that you are in form to experience, Now!
Know that no matter what comes your way, you have called it forth to be in a growth of your being ness.
You have called it forth in your now moments to help you to experience all that you are here as a present experience as well.
Know in truth that you are all the gifts that you give to yourself. You are all the “ness” that you perceive as separate from your nature.
This time is for claiming yourself! This time is for the unfoldment of all that is possible! All truth, all gifts, all Love!
It is your time for joy; it truly is your time to shine!
Let go of all that holds you away from your honesty; be honest with the Love that is you, always.
Know that all of your struggles are allowing you to come home unto yourself, for as you release them, you return to your natural order, which is the natural order of Life!
This is for each of you to understand and come into resonance with.
Each of you brought the tools to make this transition.
Each of you had trainings and gifts that you brought, that you are. Use them now! Use all of your powers fully and do not be afraid of the strength that you are.
Each of you has had so many lifetimes that have taught you how to move thru each different situation. Each of you has the shields and the strength to be the warriors that you are in truth.
The warrior does not move in ways that are in fear, the warrior allows themselves to be who they are in each moment, no fear, just is ness.
Be that now. You have all done the necessary tasks to now be able to hold the light, trust that you can and let go!
There is nothing to defend, but just being your nature. There is nothing to do, just allowing all to be who and what they are!
Give glory to the power of creation and trust in the nature of the universe!
Let the goodness of all that is permeate your consciousness to your very soul and bloom there, in the perfection that it is.
We and so many others are here to be with you as you unveil the truth to yourselves, to your world and to all that is, trust that it is done, trust that it is in the flow of life, now.
Let no fear of annihilation be with you, let your nature flow unencumbered, like the river, powerful and strong!
We thank you and are so excited to see how you choose to start this cascading of love to envelope everything, for you have a great part in it, as does all that you are, which is coming more and more into your consciousness, be not afraid of the Love!
Be and relax into your naturalness, for it is you, it always was.
Love the fear for allowing you the contrast! Love everything for being your greatest teachers. We love you as well, for you are so incredible to take on these tasks and bring this light to the darkest regions!
Be proud, stand tall and walk in peace!
A new day is dawning, look up and witness it, and be in joy that your time has come, it is here now unfolding!
Thank you for your service to all that is, remember who you are and be proud of yourselves and be proud of the contrast for it is your greatest ally; it allows the journey and brings you home to yourself.
We thank you,
The warriors of the light brigade…

 Ray Dawn
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Saturday, September 11, 2010

From the Arcturians, You are the Glory of the Universes in Form!

Hello we are the Arcturians, we are pleased to speak with you in this way. 
There is much unfolding at this time in your reality; it is in order of prosperity for all. This is in order for all is coming into resonance with its natural state of being in form and without form.
As much is coming into alignment with what is in truth, your part in galactic reality, you are having a knowing sense from within of changes that are due.
Know that as you all create what is in wanting to change here, you will begin to feel a difference in what is possible, as you already are implementing the necessary configurations for this new flowing of upliftment.
We as the Arcturians, are your friends and in memories of times past that are truly all in the now moment. As this merging is taking place, you are remembering our and others alignments with you, as family.
These upliftments are in order and it is now very soon, for the feeling is already cascading into your reality of massive change afoot.
Know in truth that it is your calling forth of this! Know in truth you have all the power to make this transition in the most delightful way!
Reclaim your powers of manifestation, right now and proceed with your eyes on the prize shall we say. Proceed as planned, as your shifting of the guard, as your shifting of the powers that be, it is in alignment!
These matching of frequencies that are here upon you are in nature, your naturalness. This is a knowing from deep within you of the parting of the veils, for you all have spoken of this for many, many times now. As this alignment with what is new and true is upon you, allow it to be in swiftness of grace, for it is your abilities to claim that Now!
You are the power of all that is that you seek, it is within each of you and is bursting forth from your beings.
Be in happiness of your gifts for you have brought them here to this reality to be manifested in this timing, in this dimension, now.
This is a part of the planning that you all made before you came. 
All of this is in memories stored within you and coming to you thru intersecting time lines.
All possibilities are possible; it is for your individual decisions in how you would like this unveiling to manifest for you.
There is also the mass consciousness, the collective experience.
As you choose to experience this shift in joy it adds to the possibilities for all to experience this shift in joy, it is up to your each individual choice of which frequency you choose to reside.
The time is past in trying to persuade others choices in choosing frequencies. The time is now in your choice, that is how the betterment for all will unfold. It is time to choose what you want to experience from this time forward. As all time is intersecting at a central point, many choices will be made, and many parallel realities will be chosen.
Fear not that you are not powerful enough to help a mass ascension, for it is only in focusing in your individual experience at this point that will be in betterment for all.
Let go of comparisons and breathe a sigh of relief that you have done your jobs wisely, and relax into the unfoldments for all.
Know in truth that you are more powerful here than is recognized. Know in truth there is nothing more to learn, but in allowing the wisdom to come from within. Allow the wisdom to be manifested here now upon your world.
You are wise beyond your wildest dreams, and you are the glory of the universes in form, here now!
Be what you are in truth, Be the light and love of creation!
Know that now is the time for manifestations, one by one by one they will begin to be apparent in your reality, that the scale has tipped in your favors. Know in truth it is nothing outside of you causing this, it is you, combined with all that you are creating this change.
For you are the power of creation, you are the gods made manifested in human form, here now, believe it!
We the Arcturians are here to help you in manifesting your frequencies. We are here to help you remember who you are, and to reclaim your divine powers to manifest them for the betterment of all.
Smell the breeze, align with life and nature, listen for the sound of your divine nature, it speaks to you always, come into resonance with truth!
Thank you all for the courages you have and for the struggles you willingly have been thru, you are to be rewarded by glory eternal, and by happiness in your now moments.
Watch for the upliftments, without a doubt they are upon you, relax into it, and release fears to the power of the universe, it is in order.
Be as witness to this divine timing, be as witness to the truth and remember who you truly are in form, now!
Thank you and ask for our assistance in helping you to remember your galactic histories on an individual level, ask us as well to help you to come into resonance with your natural frequencies of Love eternal.
We will be with you at all times, and especially whilst you sleep, we help in cleaning and aligning your forming into higher frequencies of the light that you are!
Be as One…
The Arcturians.
Ray Dawn
copyright 2010 Ray Dawn all rights reserved

Monday, September 6, 2010

Ray Dawn Blog: From Adama, Now is the time to Remember, to come t...

Ray Dawn Blog: From Adama, Now is the time to Remember, to come t...: "Yes it is I Adama come to speak with you.I am here as many others of my realm to be as one, as a one voice in unison.We from here within Lem..."

From Adama, Now is the time to Remember, to come together as One.

Yes it is I Adama come to speak with you.
I am here as many others of my realm to be as one, as a one voice in unison.
We from here within Lemuria, within Telos, are as one people. We are as one in unison with all that is. We are within the Mount of Shasta and yet not totally within your Mountain as well for we reside within the space between…
Know in your deepest hearts that we are with you in these hours before we can all come together as one.
Know that we are not withholding that from you, nor are you for that matter.
It is all a part of these purposes that we all agreed to play within. Yet one could say there are many stories to tell of our nature, and of your history as part of our lineage..
Know that these times are for remembering who you truly are; it is a part of the reasons you came to be here. Many of you have lives with us your family; all who know that on a conscious level are experiencing a remembrance of that truth.
Feel the answers within you of your times upon this earth and your experiences elsewhere.
Lemuria is our homeland; we are connected to all that live within the realms of the middle earth. Please remember that it is not literally within the physical  3rd dimension.
We are in a vibration that is slightly different than yours, we are in these times of completion, returning to a merging, a coming home for all of us together.
It has been a long time coming, and we rejoice with you for you are all our family, our relatives in truth.
These times now are for remembrance and for honoring each other and the paths we have taken to get to here.
We are not awaiting above you, holding your entry at bay for you to pass these tests of truth to then come thru the doors to our world.
We are meeting as one here; we are coming together as one being, as humanity, for we are a part of humanity as well.
Remember your lives as one of us, as with us, remember how we live, for as you do, you will know too the parts of yourself that are in love, in unison and as a collective.
Draw upon that wisdom, so you may feel our way of life. Join with us in unity, as family, as a balance of how we can all live together as one.
This merging is deepening, for you are coming to us in equality, in peace and truth.
Know that as you do, you open the doors to us and we can meet you there in celebration, in life.
We are a simple people, we care for everyone, we work together and all needs are provided for, for there is no lack. It does not exist, for we have no need for it, the contrast is not needed.
Know that you too as a people are coming to these conclusions, as you join your hearts together in unity, all is coming together as One.
This is bringing all to balance here and we thank you all for your parts in that as well.
Be honest with yourself; be in honest ness with your natures. Trust that it is safe to do this, now.
We are here to help you hold the honesty, the light of truth, we are here to embrace you, your cultures, and join in unity. Be open to all matters being rectified in a natural manner, in an easy and full of Love way.
It does not have to be painful, and trust in yourselves, and your abilities!
Call out to us, to all Masters, and to the Masters within you, for we are one.
We are a one people, and know this in your heart, feel it there, and allow the goodness to manifest upon your world now.
The Earth is in unison with this timeline. She is awaiting the return of her children in unity; she has awaited a long time as well, and is so full of support and love for each of you. Send her love and appreciation now that is all there is to it; appreciate life now, here upon your world. Allow all to return unto itself, and watch the cascade, we are here with you.
Wipe away the tears, and look to your sun, open your heart to the father, to the light. Dwell within the flame of its glory and honor the compassion within.
We are here to be with you as one people and we love all that is for all lessons we have learned. This time is for all of us, together, as One…
Reach out to the flame within and Be present with it, it is eternal, it is glowing eternal…
We here within Lemuria hold the flame eternal, now is the time to Remember, to come together as One..
Thank you..

Friday, September 3, 2010

Ray Dawn Blog: Ray Dawn Blog: From the Elementals, A New understa...

Ray Dawn Blog: Ray Dawn Blog: From the Elementals, A New understa...: "Ray Dawn Blog: From the Elementals, A New understanding of Life a...: 'Hello there and good morning to each of you, we are here to be suppor..."

From the Pegasus Star Cluster, What is behind the curtain?

Hello to all people of the Earth, here within the realms of Earthly endeavors.
We are speaking to you in kind, from the realms of beyond the earthly.
We are here in greatest numbers to witness the birthing of the New.
Understanding that we are One, one in being ness and in nature of truth eternal.
We are the Pegasians and are from the Pegasus Star Clusters.
We are a part of the Galactic Federation and all beings involved in the return of the Light here to your beloved planet.
Know in your greatest abilities to receive you will learn the deepest realms of Love.
Know that as one pauses you are reborn in newness.
We are here as many other civilizations to help in the Return, for all is returning here to what was before these experiments in darkness or dark matters of.
This is a long time coming in your perspectives, for time is viewed at a limited construct from your minds reach.
Know in your deepest hearts what is real and what matters upon your experiences as all aligns with the blueprints that are natural here.
We and many others are here to witness and help be your midwifes thru this process, for there are many stages that you are and have been upon, it is in a natural arrangement to proceed.
This is all about your returning to the joy of living here, for it has been not so much fun for a long, long time! As long as there is history upon this world it has seemed to be in struggles with all that is. There have been many understandings of the gods not being in favor with you, many pray and pray and call out to all that is in utter despair of your lives here. We and all that is hear your cries for salvation.
Know in truth that nothing outside of you is holding it at bay! Know in truth that it is all what was wanting to be experienced on a mass level here and in an overall scheme of things that is not in a mass understanding as of yet.
There are many layers to the truth, are there not?
There are many layers to what is real, your reality, is it real here and if not, what is behind the curtain?
Know that when all is said and done you will see and know and understand that it is you.
All that is, is you!
We are all one and yet where is the separation? Where is the borders of what is you and what is another?
There is much mirroring and speaking of this, so where do you as an individual exist as you go up the ladders?
You are many as one here and elsewhere. You are not just the personality that you may deem is all to existence, we know many know of this, now is the time to understand that truly, now is the time…
As so much is coming to oneness here, remember to release the fear of the unknown, for you will find yourself within it!
You will come to understand the orders of the universes, and we must tell you it is simple, it is honest and real, just as real as you may deem this life you are living.
We exist, as do you as do so many other races of beings and worlds they inhabit, it is all real, as you will see.
This contact, this coming to a meet and greet shall we say is in order, for you all have come to an awareness now where it is due.
As all clicks into play here, enjoy the realizations, enjoy the diversity of life!
There is so much to learn and grow and develop and here we are ushering in the changes, ushering in the awareness of.
We are so much a part of your races here for we are connected by our hearts and many other ways for that matter. These understanding for the all, the mass are not so far away anymore. Know that it will be understood on a heart level, before it will hit your airwaves to speak of this.
Know that our contacts with you as well as many other galactics will be in divine timings of order that will bring us together as equals, for you are all so much more than you seem.
You are Masters of these Realms, yet you have been downtrodden for so long in forgetfulness! That is in order as well, for you have all grown strong in understandings as the many lifetimes you have lived. 
There is so much to explore and understand and grow together, it is a whole new playing field that we are all coming upon, together!
Allow all to come home to their natures here, do not worry that so much catch up has to be done on a mass level, have faith, for you cannot just yet read everyone’s heart, you cannot understand truly where everyone is at!
Know that as you release all judgments of who or what is holding you back from the truth, you will see clearer and clearer, with New Eyes upon this world. It will be as it is transformed. These changes are all about perceptions, know this as truth.
Come home now to within yourself and find the center of balance.
Be as one with understanding of what is real, we cannot express this enough at this time!
Please also suspend disbelief for it has held you captive for far too long!
We are here to start the cascade, for that is what we do as well as others. We come to civilizations as they are at the cusp of mass awakening; we are here to inform you that you are there! Be in faith of the outcomes for the benefit of all for enough of the mass is holding it as well, it is in order.
For now, do your best and allow the rest to be let go. Stay within your heart space and see with the eyes of its nature, forgive and forget, forgive and let go.
Know that is not to say you have no boundaries in your truth, allow all, but make better choices in the nows that you have.
By that we mean, allow all to be, but choose wisely where you hold your attention, or where you put your energy. Know that in choosing wisely, you are not getting involved in others experiences, for it is always everyone’s choice in what they want to experience, even if it is disappointment, that is their choice!
The wisest thing you can be is yourself, no more, no less, just is ness.
Remember to be it, to let go when it feels you cannot, for life is not in the pushing against, but in the flow of the now, in the center.
Be there and be in enjoyment of it! Have more fun, and remember to play!
Be as the child and not take everything so seriously, for life is for enjoying, it is for the experience.
As these times come to fruition, enjoy each moment of and see what is holding you back from that enjoyment, be honest with yourselves of the answers, no one is a victim!
Be kind to yourselves as you remember the truth and allow it to permeate your fields to bring you into the frequencies of Love.
Love is eternal, it holds no judgment, or trying to change anything, it is in acceptance of all, it is in understanding of what is, and the beauty in that, the joining embrace of oneness..
We are here to provide support in the truth saying, we are your friends and families as many other star nations, who come at this time of Return.
Know that as the day dawns all light befalls this earth and brings the glory of completeness to these realms, as each circle is complete, another leg of the journey opens and it begins again…
Here we are upon one cycle closing and as another one opens, be in truth, be in light, be in love with this now..
Trust all that is, that the power of creation is upon all of you, remember your gifts as Masters of these realms and use them for the benefit of all, it is in order…
We are here and provide the witness of this timing, as such we are in agreement with the unfolding, and provide support, this will be established in due time, but it is in order to manifest upon the realms you are in, all is in order for the Reveal.
Remember that it is you thru the curtain it is your true nature that will be revealed to you, no more no less….
We thank you for your service to the One to all..
We thank you for your courage and naturalness.
We thank you for the wisdom you bring here, manifest your truth…
Be as ONE
We thank you, the Pegasians..