Friday, November 26, 2010

Ray Dawn Blog: Where are you Now?

Ray Dawn Blog: Where are you Now?: "Hello to you and all dear ones upon this Earth,who can hear upon these words in this frequency in the way that is your perception of hearing..."

Where are you Now?

Hello to you and all dear ones upon this Earth,
who can hear upon these words in this frequency in the way that is your perception of hearing.
We speak of this perception of hearing from what you hear upon your ears from within you. 
These voices within you that speak to you of lack, of fear, of worry.
We speak of these worries that are upon you in your daily lives that keep you from being in your truth.
These things that are in your external lives that bring you much feelings of suffering, of victumhood, of feeling that you have no way out of these circumstances, that it is just that way upon your world and you have no abilities to correct it!
We know that it feels you have no way around it, so what do you do with it? 
How can you change it? What choices does one have in the ways of the world external?
What can one do to be empowered upon these things, to help one come into balance now?
We will speak of this, we will speak of the ways of the heart and what this means to be upon this way of living.
To be of the heart is to be in an allowing state of acceptance.
Can one be in a state of acceptance without feeling that one is in victimhood? 
These are important questions to ask oneself. Where are the boundaries to allowing and to acceptance?
This acceptance we speak of is accepting all’s choices. Yes to accept the choices of others and of yourself.
Here we are delving into what drives your choices?
What are you believing about reality?
What are you accepting as a fact?
Yes to be indifferent is not to be in acceptance, for indifference is to be in a state of lack.
So we will say to be in a state of acceptance of All.
Can you be in that state?
What would allow you to be? If everyone else changed?
What about you, where are you open to change? Where are you in acceptance of all, of all’s choices, be asking these questions…
We are here to help you open to the required frequencies of Love, of Balance of acceptance of Life. We hold these frequencies in Love to help one in acceptance. For acceptance of oneself is true Love, it holds all keys to Life, to all questions…
Be in a frequency of acceptance, of all that comes your way, of opening to new truths, to new understandings.
Allow the way thru this timing to be of acceptance on deepest levels.
Know in truth, all are here to grow and be awakened.
This knowing from within is deepening, is allowing you to see the truth of Life. 
We are all here to be of assistance thru these changes, to help humanity to come into resonance with their Divinity!
We want each of you to know how deserving of All you are.
Each of you are here with purpose, with gifts, with Love.
Align with your self. Align with your Truth, with your Life.
Let go and forgive all situations that feel out of balance, with lack.
Let go and rest assured that it is all with reason you came upon everything in your life, all lessons are leading you home.
All growth is expansive, even what you deem mistakes; it opened you to a different choice in your experience.
Be open to new understanding, to new experiences to Life!
Be open to yourself, Be honest there.
Know in this you are giving yourself the greatest gift of Love!
The questions to Life seem complicated, but the answers are always easy, be open to the simple, to the easy, to the flow..
Do you trust Life? Others? Yourself? This is where we begin to see the truth, in that all will be revealed to you, to your eyes..
We speak to you in this way to help you to go deeper into the truth within you. There are things there you do not want to allow yourself to see. Know that as you reveal those things to yourself, you will get clarity in what your truth is. You will have realizations that trigger higher consciousness.
This up and down, left and right is seeking balance with itself as you are all seeking balance within yourselves.
Be patient, be allowing, be in a state of forgiveness, acceptance with your process and all others, this will bring peace to you.
Tomorrow is another day, is another hour and minute of your Now.
How do you wish to spend it? It is your choice, Trust your choice!
Trust yourself, your process, your purpose.
Be in that state of trusting you, accepting you, being you!
Let go of all the shoulds and coulds and whys..
Where are you now? 
This is of utmost importance, where are you this moment!
Become awake in this moment, right now.
See all with new eyes and hear with new ears, listen to You..
We come in acceptance of you, as you are, who you have been and what you came to do. You are here to be in agreement, acceptance of you here. Be in the moment and be you.
Know you will discover worlds within you, landscapes, you are infinite!
Remember all that you are, and all that is, is One, a oneness of being,
Be in allowing of the discovery of this on all levels.
So we will leave you with some things to chew on,
Where are you in this moment, check in often, be aware…
We leave you with this,
You are All, you are Love eternal, you are Peace, You are Abundance,
You are everything, so Be it!
Nothing to change, just allow yourself to agree!
We love each of you at whatever frequency you are at, all are in perfect states for their own experiences, all are beautiful in that!
Be in that as well, find the gift, and match the frequencies of the Universe.
It is all within your power…
Be as One,
We thank you…

Ray Dawn
copyright 2010 Ray Dawn all rights reserved
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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Galactic Federation, Unifying in Consciousness

Hello to you, and to all upon this beloved Earth, here this day.

We are speaking in kind to all of you; in the kindest of ways we meet you.
We are here as representatives of the Galactic Federation to be as one people with you in understanding of the gifts we share together.

Know that as this is coming together, we speak on equal terms. We speak in an equal way of friendship and peace.
We share the same goals as you to bring peace here and balance to the Earthly realms.

Know as in truth we are all family. We are all from many places beyond this Earth and yet we are of this earth now. As we join with you in friendship and grace, we unify our energies to work together for oneness.

In this oneness it is a family that we are sharing in, an understanding that we are all from the same. All from the same energy of life, it is eternal and everlasting.
Energy is creation and it is constantly morphing and changing, growing and expanding, unifying in consciousness. 

Unifying in consciousness of understanding of the creation of Life.
This is coming into your awareness, the layers of awareness that is within everything and you, all like a tapestry, connected and unified.

As you meet that connection within yourself, it joins with all that is to create a unified field. This unified field is coming into play here, quite rapidly!

All this time you have been upon is creating here, is manifestation here within these realms. This work you have done in non-matter is behind the scenes creating, aligning and being prepared to come into form in your outer world.

As all these things begin to balance within each one of you, it is quickening this unfolding into matter here, where many things will become apparent into the realm that is your dimensional reality.

This overlapping that is happening is creating many wonderful things that are to be manifested for all of you, and we speak of betterment, for all.

Understanding that as you become present in your awareness of your nature, of being present, this is where all the magic is happening. 
This is a natural process and we are just speaking of the pattern, allowing the pattern to be manifest. 
Allowing this creation that you are upon to be happening in your life in a natural way, to release the bounds shall we say.

Know that this process is manifesting quite rapidly in how you all wish the world to be, what choices do we want here?
Know in your heart that Love is manifesting, allow that love to shine thru. It is your natural state, we say this in most honest terms, it is your natural state, allow yourselves to be it naturally.

The choice is yours in what you wish to experience, but remember to allow what is natural, allow yourself to be in a state of trust and comfort within your being.

Do you know what it feels like to be safe and warm, cozy, peaceful, relaxing, as when you are going to sleep?
Call on that feeling more in your daily life, allowing that feeling entrance into your presence.
This will help one immensely to feel the vibration of Love, of support.

Know that you are supported, always; you are held in a loving embrace…
Draw on those feelings and know that in your heart, allow yourself to be present…

We speak to you in kind from our awareness meeting yours in this new space we have come to, together; we join you there in victory, in love.
From our heart to yours we love you there, and are so amazed at your strengths, your abilities to overcome.

We await you in our friendship, as we all come into a closer understanding of each other on a global scale.

We thank you for your service to the one to all,
We thank you for your abilities in form, they are magical!
We await you in our responding to you, all in knowingness from within.

Be Kind, Be as One,

We thank you…

Ray Dawn
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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Arcturians, Clearing the Pathways to this New Communion

Hello to you, We are the Arcturians.

We are here to speak with you in this way, as it is necessary at this timing.
Soon we will be able to speak to all of you in new ways, in new unfoldings of truth that you will be reading from your heart centers.

This new way of speaking to you will be enforced by the love principle. It will be encoded with love and understood by you and by the forms you are in, for we are all clearing the pathways to this new communion.

This timing is allowing all of you to unfold your truth, your inner core of isness.
This isness is you eternally. It is your powerfulness, your alignment with all that you are. At this time you are not able to fully understand the intricacies of all that is, that is in order for it to be in near moments.

Soon this understanding will be in a full and conscious way.
All of this unfolding is timed perfectly for each of you. This timing builds, it is like building blocks of understandings.
Each building block allows a greater expansion of your true nature. It builds one upon the other in grace, in unison.

We are all here to help facilitate this beautiful unfolding of your beingness!
We are all here as one to support these endeavors..
To truly understand that we are all a part of each other is at the forefront right now. This understanding is building from inside of you, your internal reality is changing and growing and expanding in awareness in your now moments.

Soon this awareness will cascade into a new understanding of your reality and it will reflect in the external, for a shift of profound measure is in order to manifest.
We and many others of your galactic family are here to help in your manifestation of your hearts desires for upliftment for all.

This is what you have been tirelessly working towards in your daily lives.
Allowing all to manifest in perfect timing is the task at hand and please trust in your natural abilities to do so!
Trust in your divine natures to be empowered beings!

Look deep within you at this time to clarify your nature to your awareness.
This looking within is necessary and does not have to be so daunting a task!
We know you have not been trained in this, in a manner of your environment of the collective of mankind, this is changing rapidly, and all are coming to this conclusion, for it is the heart of the matter.

All consciousness is within you, your task is bridging the conscious with the unconscious and subconscious at this time, for you are all layered beings in truth!
You know of this but that is where it gets confusing, for it seems to be a deep well in there and maybe not in total understanding of how all the internal pieces of you fit together.

Know that as you are bridging the gap, it is happening in order for each of you. There is a collective happening at this time and growing stronger, yet you each have individual timings within you of new understandings of your true nature.
This unraveling to the truth is progressing rapidly and we are all heading to a merging point with the truth of this galaxy and beyond, for many things were planned by all of us from the beginning. Now is the time for all the chips to fall into place.

Trust this awareness that is you that is beyond your life here as the personality. Trust that this larger awareness is you and come to know it from within. Come to allow it’s entrance, for you are all a part of the larger scheme of things.
This awareness is leading you to understand all parts of yourselves and who you truly are as the soul power. This power is helping you to expand all beliefs in what you think reality is and was!

This understanding is growing and leading you all to this merging with the love that you are and it is in balance!
We appreciate all that you do here, especially this bridgework that you all signed up for! You are all the missing link in this, the needed link, for all of us to join together with the Earth as well, for she and your spiritual hierarchy put out the call to the universe for this transformation!

We speak to you in this way to ignite the path to your salvation. It was done before you started this task. As we merge back thru time to witness this, it is wonderful to behold the intricacies of this endeavor!
We shine brightly with you in joy of this happening!

Be at peace in your hearts and minds and know that you are where you need to be, doing what you need to do at this timing. As all things are rapidly changing, go with the flow of your hearts in your next steps, and trust the universe is working with you in this..

Be kind to each other as you come into your new awareness of how all is connected! Know that each of you are going thru many internal transformations at this time. This can make each of you more sensitive and quickens your reactions to others. Know this is a part of you each coming into alignment with your internal truth.
As you wipe away the cobwebs, you will begin to see clearly..

As you begin to see clearly you will understand your truth and natural beingness!
Be in celebration of this for it is miraculous! It is a beautiful pattern that you are all weaving and it is expanding into the universe from within your point of origin.

As we see it, it is like a symphony of greatest beauty, all the parts are starting to flow together into unison of grace!
This will keep building until the collective awareness becomes conscious of itself, as this happens so much will be changing in your external world for you are writing the script as we speak!

Enjoy this process of unfolding for you will take these memories with you wherever you go across the universe and beyond. Know that this new human will be returned to their natural glory and power of awareness. This is your naturalness of the love principle for it creates all matter…

We speak to you and wish to bring tidings of joy into your beings, allow this entrance and let it flow you into new horizons of upliftment and beyond.

Thank you for taking this time to be with us in this way for we love to be with each of you. We love to be joining with you in understanding of who you truly are!
We wish you all to be in joy of your now moments and relax your hold on what you believe.

Know that as you grow in awareness what you believe is possible is shifting rapidly, as that changes it joins into the collective of humanity, this is where you will begin to see the change externally.

So be patient with this and each of you turn inward and do the work there. This will ultimately bring all the external change to your reality.
Be not afraid of this internal work for it can be easy as well, it is the resistance to change, to flow that causes the discomfort.

Always know you are protected in this as you go within, for all of your guides are there to provide support, whether you are aware of that consciously or not, trust in it and you will feel that as truth.

Thank you for your service to all that is and to the Earth presence, for she is so happy her children are awakening in rapid formation.
She wishes to nurture this awakening awareness so you can all become a one sentient being, as that happens all will be rectified upon her, all toxicity will be released and love will flow freely to heal all wounds.

Remember why you individually came here, as this is coming into your awareness for it is a necessary step for all of you. This clarity is coming more and more into your awareness for it will ground you in your next stages of unfolding your souls path.
Be in allowing all of these things to fall into place for you, you just need to allow, and watch this unfolding within, little by little it is changing your reality.

Join with us in celebration of how far you have come in awareness, it is lighting your globe in new understandings!
We are with you in this unfolding and are witness to the natural timings of this transformation. It is in order.

We say to each of you, trust in your inner nature to guide you thru the challenges. Trust in the powers you have to be who you are in truth.
Allow the darkness to dissipate as you look within with love and acceptance of yourself, for you are all.

We thank you and wish each of you to call out to us if we can be of service to you, for we work in tandem with your guides in helping you to open your frequencies to a higher vibration.

Thank you and be as One from within,
With love, all of us…

copyright 2010 Ray Dawn all rights reserved
Feel free to re-post as long as credit is given to channel and her website is included, Thanks!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Sirian Councils of Light, Join in Celebration of our Gifts Together

Hello to all peoples of the Earthly realms, 

We are from the Sirian Councils of Light Eternal, Light Everlasting.
We are here to be one people with you.
We are so pleased with all that is/has transpired upon this Earth.
We are so pleased at all that is befalling this realm at this timing.

We have a message of love and peace to share with you!
We have a message of upliftment, for it is in order to proceed.
We first want to comment on what is transpiring in your earthly realm, for much is in action at this moment!

Much movement is a foot and is quite noticeable to you!
For change is upon you, truly it is all in the timing.
Here we are to share this time with you, in this way, for we are ever drawing closer to a merging of our reality with yours.

This is happening of course, for it is all in the timing, the cycles of life in this realm.
The time is finally here, in this moment of acceptance, so that we can flow more freely.
There has been much releasing of parts that hold you away from accepting yourselves.

Is it all not about frequency, about energy?
Yes it is of course! Of course, how simple it truly is!
Yet it has been quite a journey to come to this conclusion!
We are here to celebrate this joining with you! We are here to enrapture with you your all ness!

Your gifts are here within you; it is time to allow the fruition of your dreams!
We tell you that now you will have the forward momentum,we tell you the energy to manifest is here, for you have done the groundwork!
We are so thankful for all that you do in these realms!

We are rejoicing in the abilities you all have to maintain your momentum, to be in the moment, to live freely a life that is worth living!
Be in joy of the work you have done to get you here!
We know it seems so tough sometimes, but you have every ability to come out triumphant, and we are all with you in this endeavor!

We say to each of you, you are Love, you are Light, you are ALL!
We say give glory to your is ness…
Know that it is all in order, it is done already,  remember…
As that is so, know that the choices you make are in what you would like to experience, be it.
Be yourselves, your truth and known all else will fall into place.
Live your joy and allow all else to be as it is..
Enjoy the journey..

We are ever one with you for we are you, we are all One.
We appreciate you on such deep levels, and wish you all to each have your truth revealed to you.
Know this is in order..
We are here to be one and to join in celebration of our gifts together.
It is time to remember fully your presence..
Join with your heart space and with the Love principle, join with the naturalness of Life.

We thank you and wish you to again be in your joy, it is your will to be it.
We respond in a joyful manner to all your increasing awareness of yourselves, and want you to know we are here for you as you remember your origins in truth,
Allow it to be revealed to you….

Ignite your passion within and allow your presence to join fully in your heart space, for you are all.
Remember the light guides the way thru darkness; be not afraid of what lies within you for it is your glory and gifts within that shadow…
Be as one in your truth, stand witness to the reveal of what lies beneath the surface, for it is wonderful..

Until we speak in this way again to you,
All the love of the universe is residing within you,
Join with us there..

Ray Dawn
Feel free to re-post as long as credit is given to channel and website is included, Thanks!